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Title: On A Clear Day
Author: [info]stellahobbit
Team: Angst
Prompt: Sacrifice
Rating: Some sex and violence, Harry is over 18.
Length: ~9460 words
Warnings: Warnings/Kinks Pop up
A/N: Influenced by Forever Autumn by The Moody Blues. An abundance of thanks go to [info]loupgarou1750 for the beta, and the "Shit, time's running out!" and the "Write faster, dammit!" and the "We will never, ever do this again. Ever." Suggestions from members of [info]teamangst and travel info from [info]tryfanstone. Thanks for your help, everyone. It's been a blast.

Summary: "It's not really the end of the world, more like a pause between breaths."

On A Clear Day
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Title: The Price of Peace
Author: [info]snakeling
Prompt: Sacrifice
Team: Romance
Rating/Warning: Warnings/Kinks/Ratings Pop-Up
Summary: Once again, Harry has to sacrifice himself for the greater good of the Wizarding world.
Author's notes: Thanks to the members of [info]linguaphiles for their help for the sentence in Venetian. Thanks to [info]meri_oddities for her remarks and encouragement as I was writing this and thanks to [info]ziasudra_fic and [info]bethbethbeth for betaing this so promptly :)
All the bits in foreign languages display a translation in a tool-tip when you hover the mouse over them.

The Price of Peace

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