Apr. 2nd, 2009


Title: Housemates
Medium: Pen and ink, Markers
Artist: [info]littleblackbow
Characters: Snape/Gilderoy
Rating: PG
Notes: I needed to feel better, and Snart always makes me feel better, so this happened. Comments are love, and will make me want to make more pretties for you!!!

Fake cut to journal

Dec. 9th, 2007


Title: Severus and Harvey
Author: [info]littleblackbow
Pairing: GL/SS
Rating: PG
Warnings: none... well, not really. bittersweetness?
Summary: Years after the incident in the Chamber of Secrets, Severus realizes that Gilderoy had his own way of looking at the world.
Word Count: 1844
Comments: This fic is part of this Pic Challenge. I chose pic Number One.

As soon as I saw the photograph. Gilderoy was screaming inside my head to write this fic! (Severus was grumbling about how it didn't matter to him in the least now that he's dead by some rotten snake at the hands of an ungrateful Muggle writer)

Thanks so much to [info]celtmama for the awesome beta! I'm so bad with commas and tweaking things, and she's just... well, I ought not to say "anal" in a slashfic rated PG, right? So yeah, enjoy, and as always, comments are greatly appreciated!

Snape and Harvey behind fake cut