Aug. 14th, 2007


New Post for a New Host

Hello fellow Snapefen,

This community is now open for business. There might be some css tweaking going on, but pretty much everything has been set up. We are not deleting, nor moving Snape_Rarepairs off of LJ, this is just an alternative site for those who dislike LJ, or feel that their art/fic are threatened by their new policies and have moved to IJ. The monthly challenges will be cross posted here and any activities will take place at both journals. You may notice the different style and slightly different set up. We wish to be as inclusive as we can, without making it feel the community is pasted on from lj ;D.

Also, before you post, please read through our posting guidelines. :)

-Thanks for your interest,
The Mods.

[EDIT] Cross-posting to both communities is allowed, as some people will no longer use LJ and others dislike IJ.