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May. 17th, 2008


[Tom/Ginny] No Need

Title: No Need
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): Tom/Ginny
Character(s): Ginny Weasley, Hermione Granger
Summary: There was no need to lie when no one suspected the truth.
Prompt(s): "lies"
Word Count: 232

No need to lie. )


[Zacharias/Ginny] Facade

Title: Facade
Rating: PG for character death
Pairing(s): Zacharias/Ginny
Character(s): Ginny Weasley, a small Neville Longbottom appearance and allusions to Zacharias Smith
Summary: Ginny was getting along just fine. Really.
Prompt(s): "reflection"
Word Count: 491
A/N: Originally posted February 2007.

Ginny didn't think that something like this should bother her. )


[Tom/Ginny] Testing the Limit

Title: Testing the Limit
Rating: PG-13 for dubcon and darkish stuff
Pairing(s): Tom/Ginny
Character(s): Tom Riddle, Ginny Weasley
Summary: He knew her limit.
Prompt(s): "limit"
Word Count: 989
A/N: Originally posted here.

There is no soul easier to manipulate than a lonely one. )


[Neville/Ginny] A Little Dirty

Title: A Little Dirty
Rating: G
Pairing(s): Neville/Ginny, borderline gen
Character(s): Six-year-old!Neville Longbottom, Five-year-old!Ginny Weasley, Gran Longbottom, Molly Weasley
Summary: Neville to the rescue!
Prompt(s): 'intrigue'
Word Count: 1301
A/N: Originally posted December 2006.

It wasn't often that Neville Longbottom had visitors of his own age. )


[Seamus/Hermione] More Than It Should

Title: More Than It Should
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): Seamus/Hermione; but really, it's borderline gen.
Character(s): Seamus Finnigan, Hermione Granger, brief Nott and McGonagall cameos
Summary: It wasn't as though his opinion should matter to her, anyway.
Word Count: 1165
A/N: Request is here. I imagine that this fic is set during either fifth or sixth year (it's fifth, in my mind). Originally posted November 2006.

His opinion didn't strike Seamus as something that should particularly matter to her, anyway. )


[James/Lily/Snape] Rain

Title: Rain
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): James/Lily, Severus/Lily
Character(s): James Potter, Lily Evans Potter, Severus Snape
Summary: Random Marauder-era Snape, James, & Lily drabble.
Prompt(s): 'rain'
Word Count: 180
A/N: Originally posted November 2006.

James likes the rain. )


[Gen] The Hardest Thing

Title: The Hardest Thing
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): None.
Character(s): Ginny Weasley, primarily. Mentioned Harry, Ron, & Voldemort.
Summary: How Ginny Weasley learned to hate the world.
Word Count: 241
A/N: Originally posted October 2006.

Sometimes, you have to make those kinds of decisions that only come along once in a lifetime. )


[Ron/Hermione] Caught in the Moment

Title: Caught in the Moment
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): Ron/Hermione
Character(s): Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, mentioned Harry
Summary: Ron and Hermione are caught in a dangerous situation. Hermione needs to think of a way out of it, lest they get hurt.
Prompt(s): R/Hr, fluff
Word Count: 1002
A/N: Originally posted October 2006.

Hermione's foot tapped impatiently against the frozen ground. )

May. 16th, 2008


[Draco/Parvati] Breathless

Title: Breathless
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): Draco/Parvati, Lavender->Ron, Parvati+Lavender friendship
Character(s): Draco Malfoy, Parvati Patil, Lavender Brown
Summary: Draco takes offense to something Parvati says and feels compelled to prove her wrong.
Prompt(s): 'nothing'
Word Count: 778
A/N: Originally posted September 2006.

Lavender hummed to herself, spinning in circles around their dormitory. )


[Zacharias/Ginny] Untitled Snippets

Title: [Untitled Snippets]
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Zacharias/Ginny
Character(s): Zacharias Smith, Ginny Weasley
Summary: A bunch of random interactions between the pair.
Word Count: 269
A/N: Originally posted September 2006.

Yay Z/G love. )


[Neville/Ginny] Hindsight

Title: Hindsight
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): Mostly gen, but Neville/Ginny and Harry/Ginny implications.
Character(s): Neville Longbottom, Ginny Weasley
Summary: A girl's sixteenth birthday is supposed to be perfect. In the middle of a war, it's anything but.
Prompt(s): 'perfect'
Word Count: 998
A/N: Originally posted September 2006.

In that moment, she decided that she couldn't have hated herself more. )


[Neville/Pansy] Melt

Title: Melt
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): Neville/Pansy
Character(s): Neville Longbottom, Pansy Parkinson
Summary: It made her angry, the way he wouldn’t just leave her alone when she snapped at him.
Prompt(s): 'ice'
Word Count: 212
A/N: Originally posted September 2006.

But there was one who didn't cower away from her, and it wasn't whom she would have expected. )


[Harry/Luna] Surprise

Title: Surprise
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): Harry/Luna
Character(s): Harry, Luna
Summary: With Luna, walking backwards was the easy part.
Prompt(s): kisses, "Walking backwards was the easy part."
Word Count: 234
A/N: Originally posted August 2006.

She liked surprises, she said. )


[Draco/Hermione] A Second Chance

Title: A Second Chance
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): Draco/Hermione
Character(s): Draco Malfoy, Hermione Granger
Summary: Hermione has learned a thing or two from Dumbledore.
Prompt(s): 'safe' & 'absolution'
Word Count: 782
A/N: Originally posted August 2006.

When Draco awoke, he didn't open his eyes right away. )


[Draco/Parvati] Hardened

Title: Hardened
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): Draco/Parvati, Draco/Pansy undertones
Character(s): Parvati Patil, Pansy Parkinson, Draco Malfoy
Summary: Pansy comes to Parvati for help.
Prompt(s): 'shock'
Word Count: 542
A/N: Originally posted August 2006.

There wasn't much that could shock Parvati anymore. )


[Ron/Pansy] Confrontations

Title: Confrontations
Rating: PG-13 for sexual allusions.
Pairing(s): Ron/Pansy, Draco/Pansy
Character(s): Ronald Weasley, Pansy Parkinson, Draco Malfoy...sort of.
Summary: Ron wants to take Draco into custody; Pansy won't let him.
Prompt(s): 'mistake' & 'could, would, but can't'
Word Count: 421
A/N: Originally posted July 2006.

This was a mistake, pure and simple. )


[Neville/Pansy] Confusion

Title: Confusion
Rating: G
Pairing(s): Neville/Pansy
Character(s): Pansy Parkinson, Neville Longbottom
Summary: Pansy can't figure out why she treats him differently.
Prompt(s): 'gentle' & 'keep a secret'
Word Count: 296
A/N: Originally posted 2006.

Read more... )


[Zacharias/Ginny] Denial

Title: Denial
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): Zacharias/Ginny, implied!Michael/Ginny
Character(s): Zacharias Smith, Ginny Weasley
Summary: Ginny ponders on her feelings for Zacharias.
Prompt(s): 'mutual attraction'
Word Count: 429
A/N: Originally posted July 2006.

There was no way. It just wasn't possible. )


[Zacharias/Ginny] Elbow Room

Title: Elbow Room
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): Zacharias/Ginny
Character(s): Zacharias Smith, Ginny Weasley
Summary: Ginny's forced to work with Zacharias.
Prompt(s): 'invective'
Word Count: 311
A/N: Originally posted July 2006.

Professor Sinistra was nice, really. )


[Zacharias/Ginny] Self Control

Title: Self Control
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Zacharias/Ginny
Character(s): Zacharias Smith, Ginny Weasley
Summary: Ginny tries to ask Zacharias for help; it's a bit more difficult than she would have expected.
Prompt(s): 'it could be worse'
Word Count: 1216
A/N: Originally posted July 2006.

Of course, it could've been worse. )

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