Nov. 10th, 2007


ADMIN: Exercise Prompts -- Week #7

As always, it's okay to post responses to prompts from previous weeks even if new prompts are already up. So if you have tried anything inspired by older prompts, please feel free to still post! And if you have any suggestions for drawing exercises and prompts, or comments/feedback on the ones I posted, please comment.

1. Capturing actions.
Think of some movement, and then how to bring its essence across by choosing the right moment and the right framing, so that the viewer recognizes what's going on (e.g. is someone getting up or sitting down?). This can be in a single sketch or a series of thumbnails trying out different things, whatever you like.

2. Drawing from different viewpoints.

Pick an object and draw it from different, maybe even unusual viewpoints, like from a bird's eye view, or a worm's eye view, or an unusual angle. It doesn't have to be anything complicated, maybe just an everyday object, like a mug or a kitchen chair, seen in an unusual way.

3. Free-form prompt.