Oct. 7th, 2007


Week #5, Exercise #3

I like the idea of the freeform prompts. When considering "Nightmare", I thought of a lot of things that are really terrifying to me. But I thought I'd take a slightly more tongue-in-cheek approach and show something nightmarish involving dust mites - which really freak me out by the way.

I'll say this is multi-media because it's pencil, ink pen, photo, and Photoshop. I did use a stock photo for the background.

Nightmare )


ADMIN: Exercise Prompts -- Week #5

Thanks to all who have given feedback about the prompts and exercises. I'm going to try to take it into account. Since several people said that the number of prompts combined with the scanned material was too much, I'll try just three prompts for the next couple of weeks, and throw in the occasional free-form word prompts (though probably not every week, because IMO there's already lots of lists and comms with word prompts), and then see how that works out compared with the previous format of five.

As always, it's okay to post responses to prompts from previous weeks even if new prompts are already up. So if you have tried anything inspired by older prompts, please feel free to still post! And if you have any suggestions for drawing exercises and prompts, or comments/feedback on the ones I posted, please comment.

1. Drawing different ethnicities.

Last week there was a "human diversity" prompt about different body types, this week's is sort of a companion: Draw a couple of humans from different ethnicities.

2. Drawing water.

Draw a body of water, e.g. a puddle, a lake, a river, the ocean..., and make it actually look like water. Water can be tricky, and how it might be rendered depends a lot on the techniques and materials used, but here are some of the pages from the section on drawing water from Jack Hamm's book "Drawing Scenery: Landscapes and Seascapes", which is mainly focused on pencil drawings, as an inspiration (p. 93 / p. 95 / p. 96 / p. 97 / p. 99 / p. 100 / p. 101 / p. 102). Sorry for the blurriness towards the spine side of these scans.

3. Free-form prompt.