Oct. 23rd, 2007


color exercise

I did the first of this week's prompts, and took a monster doodle and colored it in various simple color schemes. Comments and concrit are welcome.

worksafe monster versions behind the cut )

Sep. 17th, 2007


practice to establish a mood

I did the second exercise, and drew a nine panel comic showing fragments of a place that's supposed to express one of these themes: abandoned, serene, forbidding, welcoming, official, exotic, innocent. I inked and colored my pencils but to safe time I did it on paper not the computer, and unfortunately the cheap paper I drew the pencils on wasn't really suited for either. Anyway, I scanned the inbetween stages, so pencils, inks and the colored version are all behind the cut, and I hope you can guess the mood at least.
worksafe )

Sep. 12th, 2007


body language practice

I did the body language exercise from this week's prompts, and actually drew all the listed attitudes (pompous, uneasy, impatient, aggressive, tired, humble, stubborn) because drawing the poses turned out rather fun. If you like you could try guessing which is figure is which. Comments and concrit are welcome.

all worksafe poses )

Sep. 10th, 2007


the rest of my week 1 practice drawings

This is a page with more or less proportional stick figures in various positions and movements.

all worksafe, my poor stick figures get no adult action... )

This silhouette practice is sort of fanart. I had Nightwing jumping around in Gotham in mind (or maybe Bl├╝dhaven, what with the lack of gargoyles). I did the pencil drawing and then inked it in GIMP and added a fire escape and roof background that's vaguely based on a simplified, inked version of two combined photos:

silhouettes practice, worksafe )

Finally I tried the texture practice, taking a ball and trying to make it look like different materials, but with pre-inking in mind, i.e. they are supposed to work as b/w rendering. The success varied:

just balls with different textures )

Again, concrit is very welcome.

Sep. 7th, 2007


practicing visual memory

I did the third exercise from the last prompts, and picked five complex objects, first drawing them from memory, then looking at references and drawing them again. I chose to draw a beach chair, an electric drill, a turntable, a microscope, and a hole puncher. I c&p'ed all sketches into one image for easier posting, the first attempts on the left, the ones after looking at references on the right.

cut for sketches of objects, all worksafe and harmless )

Again, concrit is very welcome.

Sep. 5th, 2007


practicing expressions

I did the second exercise from the last prompts, and picked two of these seven emotions to draw: confident, uncertain, frustrated, hurt (emotionally), flirtatious, mischievous, and tired. So, can you guess which ones I picked?

cut for two drawings of faces, both worksafe and harmless )

Concrit is very welcome. Personally, I rather like how the first one turned out, the second not so much (one of the eyes looks really weird), but I decided to post rather than to fret too long.