Jun. 24th, 2008


Winter: Pt.1, Spring Pt. 2

Title: Winter
Pairing: House/Wilson
Rating: Light R
Summary: Wilson hates winter.
Note: Written for [info]12_stories on LJ!
Beta: [info]cutthroatpixie

Part One )

Title: Spring
Pairing: House/Wilson
Rating: PG-13/Light R
Summary: House hates spring.
Note: Written for [info]12_stories on LJ!
Beta: [info]cutthroatpixie

Spring )

May. 4th, 2008


I Spy, Painting, "And My Vest?"

Title: I Spy
Characters: Merry/Pippin
Fandom: LOTR
Rating: G
Prompt:01 Black (25 Colors)
Summary: Merry and Pippin play I Spy.

I Spy )

Title: Painting
Characters: Merry/Pippin
Rating: PG-13
Prompt:02 Burnt Sienna (25 Colors)
Summary: Merry's wife is painting the bedroom, and Merry doesn't like it.

Painting )

Title: "And my vest?"
Characters: Merry/Pippin
Fandom: LOTR
Rating: G
Prompt:03 Canary (25 Colors)
Summary: Merry and Pippin loves colors.

'And my vest?' )



Title: Gifts
Pairing: House/Wilson
Rating: PG-13
Summary: It's their anniversary.
Note: Written for [info]12_stories at LJ.

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Apr. 23rd, 2008



Summary:Harry and Draco are 'charmed' right before and during Christmas.

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Turn Against the Sun

Title:Turn Against The Sun
Summary:When Sam arrives at the Blessed Isle, Frodo is reunited with his friend and love.

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Make the Sun Shine

Title:Make the Sun Shine
Summary:Even with wives and children, Merry and Pippin will always have something special.

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Love Challenge

Title:Love Challenge
Summary:Frodo tells of how he and Sam came together.

Written for carolina30363!

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Not In My Bed!

Title:Not In My Bed!
Summary:Frodo is forced to let his cousins share his bed with him and Sam.
Pairings:Frodo/Sam Merry/Pippin
For Dani!

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Apr. 22nd, 2008


In Wonderland

I have changed all my challenge tables to Merry/Pippin. ^_^ I'm in a LOTR kick, and I want to write some LOTR fic! So, to celebrate, I'm posting some LOTR fanfiction. ^_^

Title: In Wonderland
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Frodo/Sam
Summary:Frodo doesn't want to be in the rich life of the 1800s and wishes for one night to be young in Wonderland with Sam. But did it really happen long ago or is it a dream? You decide.

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Mar. 4th, 2008


Over Coffee

Title:Over Coffee
Author: [info]perhin
Prompt:184.Wilson and Cuddy discuss the art exhibit over coffee.
Rating: PG/PG-13
Warnings:Talk of bondage art
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Wilson and Cuddy go to a bistro for coffee after the art exhibit.
Written for the [info]wilson_fest challenge.

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Feb. 5th, 2008


It'll End

Title: It'll End
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: House/Wilson
Summary: House finally believes in dreams.
Warning: Character Deaths
Note: Written for the 'Death' prompt for [info]12_stories.

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Jan. 25th, 2008


Ruby Red and Chocolate Brown

Title: Red and Brown
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Wilson/Cuddy
Summary: Wilson and Cuddy think of the colors of their partner.
Author's Note: Written for the [info]house_het colors challenge.

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Jan. 13th, 2008


25fluffyfics Prompts 11-20

Title:25fluffyfics Drabbles
Rating: G-PG13
Summary:Prompts 11-20 of [info]25fluffyfics
Prompts:Massage, Hurt, Nightmare, Home, Birthday, Puppy/kitten, Jealousy, Gift,Flowers, and Protection

Massage )

Hurt )

Nightmare )

Home )

Birthday )

Puppy/Kitten )

Jealousy )

Gift )


Flowers )

Protection )

Jan. 12th, 2008


25fluffyfics: Prompts 7-10

Title: Prompts 7-10
Pairing: House/Wilson
Summary: Prompts for [info]25fluffyfics seven through ten.

Breakfast )

Eight: Dinner
Dinner )

Nine: Blankets
Blankets )

Bath )

Jan. 10th, 2008


7 Deadly Sins Drabbles

Title: Seven Deadly Sins Drabbles
Pairing: Wilson/Cuddy
Rating: G-R
Words: 100-200
Summary: Seven drabbles for seven sins.
Prompt: All prompts for [info]7_deadly_sins_

One: Greed

Greed )

Two: Gluttony

Gluttony )

Three: Wrath

Wrath )

Four: Sloth

Sloth )

Five: Envy

Envy )

Six: Lust

Lust )

Seven: Pride

Pride )

Jan. 11th, 2008


7 Heavenly Virtues Drabbles

Title: Seven Heavenly Drabbles
Pairing: Wilson/Cuddy
Summary: Seven drabbles for seven virtues!
Note:Written for the [info]7_virtues challenge.

One: Humility
Humility )

Two: Kindness
Kindness )

Three: Abstinence
Abstinence )

Four: Chastity
Chastity )

Five: Patience
Patience )

Six: Liberality
Liberality )

Seven: Diligence
Diligence )

Dec. 7th, 2007


25 fluffy fics, prompt: Dance

It took me a while to figure out how I would write for the 'dance' prompt considering House can't dance. I hope this fits.

Title:As Always
Fandom:House, M.D.
Word Count:337
Disclaimer:I own nothing.
Author's Notes:Slash, people!

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