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[25 Sep 2016|07:56pm]

Who: Aden and Trouble
Where: Out and about
when: 9/25/16, evening
What: Hanging out.
Rating: TBD
Status: Ongoing | Closed

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[14 Sep 2016|10:57pm]

Who:Kaisa and Drifter
Where: campus
When: 8/14 evening
What: Kaisa's trying to ignore her cravings.
Rating: probably nsfw in the long run with the two of them.

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[02 Sep 2016|07:06pm]

Who: Jackson and Chance
What: Tension
Where: Chance's car, their apartment,
When: 9/2-3 very late night into morning.
Rating: PG
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[01 Sep 2016|05:49pm]

Who: Artemis and Sebastian
What: An almost-meeting
Where: Park
When: 1 September
Rating: PG
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[31 Aug 2016|03:05pm]

WHO: Meredith and Adam
WHAT: Planning a move
WHEN: 8/31, evening
WHERE Adam's place
RATING: High - sexual situations

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[30 Aug 2016|09:00pm]

Who: Cale and Meri
What: Sibling convo
Where: Their house
When: 8/30
Rating: PG (small mention of sex between Meri and Adam)

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[29 Aug 2016|01:06am]

WHO: Drifter and Keara
WHAT: Vampire toying with his would be hunter
WHEN: 8/29; around 10pm.
WHERE: Underground dance club
RATING: High...it's Drifter.

Revel it the darkness, for the morrow brings only regret. )

[28 Aug 2016|08:02pm]

Who: Brenner and Nadishiko
Where: Nadi's apartment
When: 8/28
What: Showing her place and maybe learning a bit more about one another.
Rating: tbd

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[28 Aug 2016|08:42pm]

Who: Liam and Amy
Where: Liam's penthouse in downtown Philly
When: Sunday evening
What: A night together
Rating: It's Jen and I, let's be real, it's probably high.
Status: Ongoing | Closed

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[28 Aug 2016|06:05pm]

WHO: Chance and Jackson
WHEN: Friday 19 August
WHERE: Their apartment

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[27 Aug 2016|06:09pm]

WHO: Drifter, Keara, and open to Aden
WHAT: Dead body discovered
WHEN: 8/27; around 11pm.
WHERE: College campus parking lot
RATING: Likely High...it's Drifter.

Dead, damned, and disappointed. )

[26 Aug 2016|10:31pm]

Who: Trouble and Aden
Where: Nightclub
When: 8/26 evening
What: Catching her temporary roommate out and about.
Rating: It's them so I bet high.

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[24 Aug 2016|10:01pm]

Who: Kea and Aden
Where: Police Precinct lockers
When: 8/24, late afternoon.
What: Coworkers and friends shooting the shit at the end of a long day at work.
Rating: talking about sex probably

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[25 Aug 2016|09:28am]

Who: Brenner Mahoney and Nadi Fujioka
What: You tell me and we'll both know.
When: Wednesday afternoon
Where: In the mean streets of Philadelphia (in the Aldi nearest Drexel. Come on.)
Rating/Warnings: Low to PG13/Warning for excessive amounts of incomprehensible Geordie speech from Brenner. I'm not going to translate because half you'll get from context, and the other half, well. The language barrier is sort of the point of this thread :P

Honestly, he didn't really go out with an agenda outside of walking a ways and seeing where he ended up. )

[23 Aug 2016|10:14am]

Who:Kaisa and Beau
When: 8/22 lunch time.
What:Kai's catching up with her best friend.
Rating: sfw

It was just like Happy Days or Saved by the bell. )

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