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Spoilers: Episode 1346-1354 (Femslash Ficathon 2011)  
Title: Spoilers: Episode 1346-1354 (The Very Unlikely Romance Of Katja Bergmann and Isabelle Reichenbach)
Author: [info]aldiara
Fandom/Characters: Alles was zählt; Katja/Isabelle; hints of: *Franziska/Melanie; Sarah/Melanie; Bergmann sistercest* [highlight to read]
Spoilers: Through 1355-ish. (If you actually paid attention to official AWZ spoiler pics which I HOPE TO GOD YOU DON'T AND IF YOU DO, GOOD GRIEF, DO YOU NOT HAVE ANYTHING BETTER TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE?!)
Summary: Simone has a brandnew business idea. Katja and Isabelle go along with it, completely ignoring any feelings-you-might-feel.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to RTL, who haven't the first bleeding idea of what to do with them.
A/N: My first *yes I am planning MOAR, just gimme time* contribution to the AWZ femslash ficathon 2011. These are brandnew and totally authentic, not at all made up AWZ spoilers that will happen any moment now *CHIRP*. Don't you dare question my Very Authentic And Not At All Made-Up Official Spoiler Translations. Big thanks to my ever vital beta [info]lilithilien for her essential contributions :D WE OWN SHOW, DON'T YOU KNOW.

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26 November 2011 @ 10:13 pm
Melanie & Franzi Icons  
My icons for the AWZ No 7 Femslash Ficathon

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

[info]vitacrudelis inspired me because she posted her first fanfiction. <333
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Fic: Because A Girl Needs A Gun These Days  
Title: Because A Girl Needs A Gun These Days
Author: [info]verasteine
Summary: When Flo's daughter comes out as gay, Deniz is faced with the fact that he didn't want that for her at all.
Pairing: Deniz/Roman, (Flo/Franzi)
Rating: standard // PG
Length: ~1,899 words
Spoilers: #279, #285, #290, #929
Disclaimer: Characters belong to RTL Television and Grundy UFA. No infringement intended. Title is from "Rattlesnakes", by Tori Amos.
A/N: Thanks to [info]smirnoffmule for the speedy and fabulous beta, as always. This fic was written for [info]queer_fest. Enjoy.

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14 January 2011 @ 04:45 pm
More Fic!  

Title: Frank – The Big Reveal
Fandom/Characters/Pairings: AWZ, Florian/Frank

Word Count:  791

Rating:  PG-15
Summary:  Florian admits his feelings for Frank and makes a surprising discovery. 

Warnings:  A very basic view of gender identity
Disclaimer:  I don’t own AWZ and have nothing to do with it but the piggy bank is still gathering pennies so we live in hope.
Author's Notes: Oh the confusion with names!  I still refer to Franziska as Frank, even as a girl so I’ve done that here because hopping back and forth between the reality and the lie is difficult – just ask her!  Re-write of how Flo finds out Frank is a girl, not that flashing boobies wasn’t fun but I wish Flo had reacted differently.  I’m not digging into the whole world of possibilities this story presents which is a shame but you can’t have everything.  Birth genders used from the start – might be a tad confusing but just go with it. 


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