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7/27/08 11:51 pm - [info]nwo_gambit

So I'm not completely sure what's going on with the game, but I know I've been semi out of commission due to the fact that my boss went on vacation and I've been stuck managing the store in his absence and so I haven't really felt like doing much of anything except watching cartoons when I got home.

I haven't talked to any mods (Guys?) so I don't know what we're doing with the plot or anything, but I really want to keep playing, so... maybe we should just say what our characters did and then pick up the timeline from there? Cause I know I've got, like, two RPs in the can for Remy and it'd be a shame for them to go to waste.

What say the rest of you?

7/23/08 04:06 am - [info]nwo_warmachine - Quick update

Hi everyone,

I've been dealing with a bad combination of hardware problem/weird connection issue, so that's why I've been quiet the past week. I expect to have both issues cleared up in the next day or so (I'm pretty sure I got a comment through today! Progress!).

Just wanted to make sure everyone knew I hadn't fallen off the face of the earth.:)

7/17/08 02:51 pm - [info]nwo_mod

Alright my loves, the plot is up and ready to go!

Some tips on how to play it....

- Feel free to jump from thread to thread within the communities! Sick of fighting Mystique? Go and hep the children get out of the mansion! Had enough of sewing back together Samoans? Go lift some rubble! You are in no way obligated to stay in a thread that you join. Just feel it out as you go.

- As the X-Men drama dies down, certain helpful individuals may be recruited by SHIELD to help in Samoa. This will depend on how long the plot goes for.

- Play slow, and don't worry about making mistakes. The Party Thread was a warmup for this, so you all know that mistakes will be made, posts will be made with the wrong journal, so don;t sweat it! A helpful hint is to copy your comment and refresh the thread before posting. That way, you know if someone else has jumped in, if the tagging order has changed, or if you comment just plain doesn't make sense anymore.

- Tagging order is a loose concept. If an order of comments establishes itself, go with it! If it makes sense for your character to jump in ad reply to a certain comment, go for it! prepare to make mistakes, step on toes, and have your toes stepped on in return. It's all part of the fun!

- I'm taking you all out for ice cream after this. WITH sprinkles. And maybe cherries. We'll see.

- If you have ANY QUESTIONS, CONCERNS, IDEAS OR PROBLEMS, I will be online until this thing withers and dies! Absolutely do NOT hesitate to IM me on nwomod.

7/16/08 10:24 pm - [info]nwo_ironman

Hellooooo you guys!

I just wanted to apologize for my unexpected hiatus over the last week. Real life kicked my ass and I was away longer than I thought I was going to be. As a result of my getting overwhelmed, with the mods blessing I'm going to be dropping Colossus as a character. Awwwww.

BUT! I still have Tony, Clint and Emma, so the fun continues. I love this game, and I love you guys!

AND HEY! A message to our Spiderman! I haven't had the chance to say hello yet, but HELLO! If you ever want to set up a tag with any of my pups, leave me a comment or whathaveyou.

Love you guys!

7/16/08 02:39 am - [info]nwo_mod

All right, guys! It's time for us to get the plot moving along, so here's how this is going to work.

Tomorrow, there will be two separate open posts put up, one in [info]nwo_shield and one in [info]nwo_xmen. It's up to you what your character does during whichever crisis they're involved in, but even if you want to sit this one out, at least try to have a reaction tag or journal entry put up. I'm not going to give you all of the details right now, but here's a general idea of what will be going on.


- S.H.I.E.L.D. is called out by the government to deal with a natural disaster. They request the aid of the X-Men as well, particularly those who possess the powers of flight, telekinesis, and teleportation. If you are playing one of the X-Men and you feel your character would serve better with S.H.I.E.L.D. you are more than welcome to jump in on this tag.


- The mansion and its inhabitants will be facing an attack by at least two very dangerous foes, possibly more depending on how cruel I feel tomorrow when I post these. You have several options as far as what you wish to do; some of the X-Men will undoubtedly be fighting the attackers, while others would be more useful defending the children. It is entirely up to you what your character does during the attack.

Some of this is going to feed into character backstory and future plot that we've discussed with a few of you, so if you see something you want to carry a little further, IM us and let us know, and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

See you tomorrow!

7/13/08 11:03 pm - [info]nwo_mod

Sorry I'm a day late with this! Things are beginning to settle down, though, and once I get it all put together, I'll make a post about what to expect as we gear up for the plot developments.

Also, we're having a bit of trouble with AIM, so if you see the mod IM signed on, one of us is there, we just can't get the damned Away message to... well, go away.

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7/13/08 01:31 am - [info]nwo_mod

Hello, kids!

I'm sure you've noticed that we've been MIA recently, and that the plot did not start in a timely fashion like we promised. We've been unavoidably detained by one or more real life problems, but things will get back on track this week.

Plot starts officially on Thursday, and we'll get the details out soon as to what that will entail for each of you.

Your Mods

7/11/08 02:18 pm - [info]nwo_spiderman

Hi there, I'm Jesse.
I'll be playing as your friendly neighborhood Spiderman! I'm new to the whole rp'ing thig, so please, be gentle!

7/7/08 10:01 am - [info]nwo_phoenix

Hey, I've been so busy rping I completely forgot to do an intro post...

Just wanted to say 'hey', I'm Amanda. I'll be playing Jean and Paige and I already love this rpg.

7/7/08 01:51 am - [info]nwo_mod

Here's your second round-up! My God, you guys are prolific little bastards! ;)

If I've forgotten anything, drop me a comment and let me know!

Round Up Two )

7/5/08 03:55 pm - [info]nwo_mod

Hello, my puppets! Three things to note -

  • Welcome to the flood of new players and characters we've had in this last week! Remember to make a post to the newworldorder community and introduce yourselves!

  • There have been a few changes to the Contact List, located at the bottom of this friendlocked entry. Edit your AIM and friends lists as needed!

  • Our first Plot installment will begin, time willing, on Monday. It will be accompanied by instructions and the like, but the goal of it, as always, is to just HAVE FUN! Please let us know if you have any questions at all.

  • Last of all, we are SO proud of you all so far! The game is going amazingly, much better than we could have anticipated, and you've all picked it up incredibly well. We are very, very happy mods. Keep it up! If you ever have any questions, or would like to play with either Nick Fury, Charles Xavier, or Stephen Strange, please let us know! Maree is almost always available on AIM at nwomod, you can email either of us at, or leave a comment here.

    We love you all!

    - Jean and Maree, your modly mods.

7/5/08 03:09 am - [info]nwo_captain

Look, I used my sexy shirtless icon! Woo!

So! July 4th was Captain America's birthday, obvs, so we talked to the mods and have decided that, in true Tony Stark form, Tony is going to throw him a huge birthday party. So tomorrow, Nicki is going to post an open tag and everyone (S.H.I.E.L.D. and X-Men) is invited to attend. So just tag into the post and have fun!

7/3/08 04:55 pm - [info]nwo_mod - The Game!

All right, you lovely, lovely people, it is time for the official announcement!

The game has been going wonderfully. Maree and I are so pleased by all of the character interaction and plot set-up that has been going on here. You guys are a fantastic group and we feel lucky to have you in our game.

Now that I'm finished stroking egos, here's the real reason for the post. We want desperately to get the plot of the game in motion, and for that, we need your help. Pimp the game! Bring in your friends! If you know of any communities where some of the members would be interested, make a post! We're open to all characters (provided they are heroes, obviously), all plots, and all relationships. All we're looking for is a dynamic game with varied characters, and we need your help.

As soon as we get two more active players, we'll start working plot into the game. That means villains and drama for you guys, so go recruit your friends!

7/3/08 04:25 pm - [info]nwo_wolverine

Hey again, guys. I'm in France and obviously I've got some form of internet working but it's something like a disaster in that I currently can't use my laptop and data roaming on my phone is a bust at present. Also, this crappy keyboard keeps typing two letters when I mean one. But I'm here!

Anyone wants me, or Logan, or Bruce, drop me a comment. I'm completely broke so it's not like I'll be anywhere doing anything ;)

7/3/08 01:03 am - [info]nwo_wolverine

Okay, I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this to a couple of you but I'm actually going to be out of the country for almost two weeks, starting from tomorrow. I'll be in France for an idiotic summer school for my French class, so I'm not going to be around quite as much as usual - I'll have my laptop and my phone with me, though, so if I'm not on AIM and if anyone wants to attempt email-tagging while I'm gone then just drop me a comment ;)

Anyway, I'll miss you guys! You're all ridiculously awesome and hopefully I won't be out of touch for too long - wireless net connections in hotels totally win.

7/1/08 08:15 pm - [info]nwo_warmachine

Hello! I'm [info]misachan on IJ and LJ, and I'll be playing Rhodey AKA War Machine. On AIM I'm gambling4kittenz, so if anyone wants to plot, scheme, rp or whatever just grab me there or at my journal or via email.:)

Everything looks great so far!

6/30/08 08:11 am - [info]nwo_cyclops

*waves* Hey all!! So I (Z) decided that we needed a Scott in this game, you know to make sure there isn't any rampant man on man love everyone stays on their A game. ;)

6/30/08 05:23 am - [info]nwo_mod

I hear the rapture's comin'
They say He'll be here soon
Right now there's demons crawling all around my room
They say He lives within me
They say for me He died
And now I hear His footsteps
Almost every night

There are hidden places in the world. In one of those places, an evil that has lain dormant for centuries is beginning to stir. The fate of the world rests in the hands of those brave enough to stand up and face the coming darkness. The people need a hero.

Are you up for it?

Info//Requested Characters//Taken Characters//Apply//The Game So Far

This is this week's ad for the community. We thought you guys might like to see it. If you know any places where you can post it (your personal journal included) just let us know and we'll hook you up with the HTML. You guys have been completely amazing so far, and we can't wait to get the game into full swing!

6/29/08 01:41 pm - [info]nwo_hulk - New, but not really.

Hey, guys! Liz (your current Wolverine) here, clearly having picked up another character. I'll be playing Bruce Banner as well as Logan, and if anyone wants to plot anything with either of them, have a chat, whatever, you can get in touch here or on AIM at sneakylizzie - I'm nice, honest, and whatever you feel like RPing I'll very, very likely be up for it ;)

And I'm loving everything that's gone on here so far, by the way! You're all completely awesome.

6/29/08 04:02 am - [info]nwo_mod

Every week we're going to post a round-up of the week's events (complete with links) as a way for everyone to make sure they're caught up with the story, and as a tool to help new players review our canon so far. All of the events are ordered chronologically as they happen in game.

And here's the first one!

Round-up One )
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