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7/17/08 02:43 pm - [info]nwo_mod

WHO: Nick Fury, members and allys of S.H.I.E.L.D
WHAT: Set up a field Hospital
WHEN: July 17th, Midday
WHERE: Samoa, South Pacific Ocean


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7/17/08 02:38 pm - [info]nwo_mod

WHO: Members and allys of S.H.I.E.L.D
WHAT: Lend a helping hand
WHEN: July 17th, Midday
WHERE: Samoa, South Pacific Ocean


The islands were a wreck. )

7/17/08 02:31 pm - [info]nwo_mod

WHO: Nick Fury
WHAT: Sends an urgent message to all those affiliated with S.H.I.E.L.D
WHEN: July 17th, early morning
WHERE: The Hellicarrier


7/16/08 11:52 pm - [info]nwo_potts

WHO:  Pepper and Frank
WHEN: July 14th
WHERE:  On the phone and then Pepper's apartment
WHAT: Three weeks of sexual tension finally gets resolved.


7/16/08 09:16 pm - [info]nwo_ironman

WHO: Tony Stark and Paige Guthrie
WHAT: Share a phonecall
WHEN: July 13th, midday
WHERE: The information superhighway! Or phonelines.

Tony makes good on a promise to call )

7/16/08 05:48 pm - [info]nwo_potts

WHO:  Tony and Pepper
WHEN: July 12th
WHERE:  Stark Mansion
WHAT: Catching up ...ish


7/14/08 01:50 am - [info]nwo_spiderman

Email sent to Peter Parker from the office of Dr. Bruce Banner, July 13th,7pm.

Mr. Parker,

Congratulations! Your application for the position of Assistant to Dr. Banner has been approved for the next stage. Your impressive skills have stood out among hundreds of other applicants, and secured you,and a select group,the chance to interview with Dr. Banner in person. You will be contacted within the next two days with the time and location of your meeting.

Congratulations again on your successful application
The Office of Dr. Bruce Banner

Pete stared at the monitor a moment, then smiled.


7/14/08 12:37 am - [info]nwo_punisher

Who: Frank Castle & Pepper Potts
When: July 5 (yeah, I'm late...)
Where: A nice restaurant downtown
What: Go on a date

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7/13/08 04:23 pm - [info]nwo_potts

WHO:  Paige and Pepper
WHEN: July 12th, 2008
WHERE: Paige's room and Pepper's office
WHAT: Paige finally has the balls to call Tony and Pepper picks up

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7/13/08 09:29 pm - [info]nwo_hulk

Who: Bruce Banner
Where: His lab, S.H.I.E.L.D
When: July 13th
What: Does not enjoy the selection process

This, Bruce thought, was exactly why he needed an assistant. )

7/11/08 02:14 pm - [info]nwo_spiderman

Who: Peter Parker
What: Peter looks for a new job
When: July 11th
Where: His New York Apartment

Peter stared at the stack of bills in front of him. The pile never seemed to get any smaller.

Photography no longer seemed to be as lucrative as in the past. Jameson was tired of the same old Spiderman pics. Unless he was willing to catch Spidey doing something criminal, old Jonah wasn’t interested. He wanted fresh, he wanted bold, he wanted The Avengers. Obviously, Pete had failed to shoot an Avenger with the same style he always managed to capture on his Spidey photos.

He had a choice, join the Avengers, (fat chance, Thor was the only one who ever showed him any courtesy) or get another job. The problem was school. As a freelance, Peter could work on his own time, on his own schedule. A new employer might not be so accommodating.

Still, it was that, or start liking the taste of cat food.

MJ had always said she’d stop singing, get a real job, just until they were on our feet. But Pete wouldn’t let her give up her dream. She’d already sacrificed so much to be with him, with Spiderman. There had to be another way!

Peter grabbed todays’ Daily Bugle, and began scanning the classifieds. He had nearly given up, when a familiar name caught his eye. Bruce Banner. Banner was a genius in the field of Radiation. Peter had written a paper on his early work with gamma rays in his first year. According to the ad, Banner was looking for an assistant, part time, good pay. Pete was sure Doc Connors would give him more flexibility at school for the chance to work with one of the greatest minds of our time. It was perfect.

Uh oh, too perfect. Surely hundreds of students had already applied.

But Peter was determined to try, if not for himself, for MJ, and Aunt May. Who knows, maybe he was just the guy Banner was looking for.

7/8/08 01:31 am - [info]nwo_punisher

On a note pinned to Pepper Potts's front door, written in a scrawled hand, smudged a bit on one corner with something suspiciously like dried blood:


Was in the neighborhood. Didn't want to wake you. Wanted to say hello.

So hello.

I'm not good at this.


7/5/08 04:32 pm - [info]nwo_ironman

WHO: Tony Stark and Steve Rogers
WHAT: Go house-hunting!
WHEN: July 2nd
WHERE: In and around New York

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7/5/08 04:12 pm - [info]nwo_ironman

WHO: Tag open to Everyone!
WHEN: The night of July 4th
WHERE: The lobby of Stark Industries, set up for a par-tay.
WHAT: Combination July 4th celebration, and Captain America's birthday!

NOTE: This is a tag open to EVERYONE in the game! Invitations have been sent to everyone involved with S.H.I.E.L.D and X-MEN. Start your own thread within the tags, or jump in on existing conversations, whatever you want to do! It'll get confusing, no doubt, but it's all in the name of having fun!

Party over heeeeeere... )

7/5/08 12:40 am - [info]nwo_punisher

Who: Frank Castle & Pepper Potts
When: July 1
Where: Their various residences
What: Frank calls Pepper to ask her to dinner

He stared at the phone.

Frank had never really liked the things. He'd always found them intrusive, particularly cell phones. There was something about the idea that someone could always get a hold of him wherever he went that he just didn't like. Frank was a man who liked his alone time; if it was constantly getting interrupted by a fucking phone, he might have snapped a long time ago.

But for once... well, he was glad he had the damned thing. Saved him the trouble of patching into someone else's phone line. Grimacing, he picked up the phone and dialed quickly, pressing it to his ear and listening to it buzz like a psychotic mosquito.

7/3/08 02:59 pm - [info]nwo_punisher

Message left on Nick Fury's voicemail:

Hey, Fury. I need money. Now. The fuck is my first paycheck?

7/3/08 05:13 am - [info]nwo_captain

Who: Steve Rogers & Bruce Banner
When: June 30
Where: Steve's hospital room and Bruce's lab
What: Talk and eat cheeseburgers

All his life, Bruce had never felt more at home than when he was in the lab... )

7/3/08 04:45 am - [info]nwo_punisher

Who: Frank Castle & Pepper Potts
When: June 29th
Where: Pepper's condo
What: Have dinner. And a little more. (Continued from here)

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7/1/08 12:33 am - [info]nwo_potts

Pepper Potts and Frank Castle
WHAT: An accidental meeting
WHEN: June 29th, late afternoon
WHERE: The street and Pepper's condo

Part 1 )

7/1/08 12:28 am - [info]nwo_ironman

WHO: Tony Stark and James Rhodes
WHEN: Friday the 27th, around 1am.
WHERE: Stark Residence.
WHAT: Tony has something to show Rhodey. Something cool.

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