08 February 2011 at 10:28 pm
Well. [ the strains of a voice which is evidently more high-pitched than it usually would be, between each word the hints of a controlled and well-thought out panic ] Er, yes. Well! Acumen.

[ A deep breath and suddenly: a million words, though slow and practiced ]

Whilst I can’t totally contradict the crimes you have charged me, I can point out a number of flaws in your "argument", mostly regarding your definition of "known criminal".

Furthermore, rather, [ gaining confidence, and with it, gaining speed ] the argument here is that I am not under your jurisdiction and, thus, not someone you are allowed to imprison, nor do you have the right to confiscate my belongings- and when [ peppered with anger ] has it ever been morally just to kidnap and imprison someone without a fair trial during a ministry-implemented exam period!

This is a complete breach of rights and as an [ almost-silent snort ] authority figure, I would have thought your priorities would be  imprisoning real criminals- of which there are a fair few skulking about, I'm sure you know - and not just people who- who, who had to- who were morally obliged to smuggle a stupid-. Well.

At any rate, [ through thin lips, and finally her steam begins to escape her ] I look forward to proving my innocence officially.