[Voice//Action | Private]
26 May 2012 at 12:40 pm
Lacus Clyne
[It's not long after Kira and Neil's fight ended that Lacus knows about it -- at least, the latter part, thanks to Anew's heads-up. It takes her a few hours to finally take any action, however, giving everyone a moment to calm a bit. Herself included.]

[After finding that Neil won't see her (something she really shouldn't be surprised about), Lacus wastes no time opening a private channel to Kira -- voice rather than video, which is unusual for her.]

[Neil may not be answering her, but Kira always would.]

[Voice | Private | (Mostly) Unhackable]

Kira? I heard about earlier... I'd like to see you.

((OOC: If your character wants to try their luck hacking a highly personal discussion that's probably very boring to anyone but the people involved, please contact me OOCly first. With Lacus and Kira BOTH on the line it'll be a very significant challenge.]
3rd Fireball [video]
26 May 2012 at 10:35 pm
[Lina's snores are pretty tiny, but all that doesn't matter, considering the odd mutterings that are sprinkled between her steady breathing. She's curled up on the floor of what some in-mates might recognize as Zelgadis's residence.

What some might not recognize, however, save for a very 'special' blonde swords-woman, is that the floor deemed as Lina's new nap spot is none other than the bedroom...and the bed that once rested against the wall was somehow--in some miraculous, abhorrent feat of utter destruction--split crudely down the middle and thrown against opposing ends of the wall.]

...mmn...n'decent...[She stirred slightly, but Lina showed no sign of stirring anytime soon.]