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03 July 2011 at 12:15 am
[At nightfall GIR wanders the park and the beach, spying on people and secretly DESPISING THEM from afar. Honestly, all this? When they're trapped? Are they honestly falling for Acumen's little games? Eyes twitching, GIR emerges from the bushes and starts to walk along the beach, looking otherwise unapproachable. Feel free to approach him anyway; it's a nice night to engage with people, right?

...Of course that might be hard to do while he tries to shoot his lasers at the fireflies zipping by. Of course he doesn't have lasers installed at the moment, but GIR is still trying hard, squinting at the balls of light and aiming bright red light at them in RAGE.

After a while, he flickers on the video function,]


Is this the best you can do? Festivitiessssss. IT IS AGGRAVATING. YOU AND YOUR FOOD.

[He now points to one of the fireflies.]

What is this. ANSWER ME.
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03 July 2011 at 12:57 am
[Ashura had to admit, this was one of the nicer nights in the Asylum by far. Fireflies? A delightful treat. They had such creatures in his world (albeit a tad different, but similarities were there), and he had a little affinity for them, given their name. It was soothing, to say the least, and not to mention they were quite beautiful. For just a bit it made one forget one was in a prison.

So, sated food wise from the festival and clean of sand and all that, he grabbed a mug of tea, a blanket, and some fresh fruit from his little apartment and went to one of the quiet parts of the park to sit down and enjoy the show. And given the balmy, warm weather, he was an even better mood. Everything was aimed right up his alley (fire, heat, etc.). Maybe he would run into some friends along the way.

As he walked, he began to sing quietly to himself, an old tune his mother had used to sing to him on nights like these when he was a child - ]

When the fireflies come out to play
All your worries shall go away
Catch a few to light your way
They shall turn the night to day

Look at them all so brightly shining
They do it all because you are smiling
So my little one keep on laughing
That the fireflies might keep on dancing
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03 July 2011 at 01:34 am
Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! Children of all ages! Gather round, one and all! The Fight Club is finally underway! [Their double-edged voice quivers here with barely restrained anticipation, and after they dig their claws deep into their palms, they'll begin again.]

We're so sorry to have kept you waiting, but no longer! Come on down to the arena! Sit back, relax--but most importantly, do enjoy the show! It's going to be a night you'll never forget! [They laugh hard and long here, unrestrained glee crackling through their tone before the connection is cut.]

[Won't you join them?]

((OOC: Each character will be announced into the ring through Gabriel, the lovely referee! He's on hiatus right now, so just assume it happens. <3))
[action+video | open] [training hall]
03 July 2011 at 06:25 pm
[ Riku isn't one to give up on training just because he's outside of the realm of fighting. (Fight club he's deemed sort of unnecessary for the time being, anyway.) Having set up various obstacles for himself to go through, he uses a bamboo sword instead of his Keyblade to slash and practice his technique on the targets set up.

he may have stepped on his communicator and switched on the camera while practicing, though. thankfully, the camera isn't busted, and besides a small crack, it's still in functioning order. of course, that also means that it's broadcasting.

he practices running from various targets, groups, and single-person attacks, all lightning quick. the frustration on his face, though, shows that he's not where he wants to be. he stops before the last target and actually channels some darkness into his palm, sending it flying towards it.

... it's strong enough to make it topple over, but it isn't the affect Riku wanted. he sighs and flops down onto the mats, flushed, tossing his wooden sword to the side and summoning his Keyblade. ]

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03 July 2011 at 07:30 pm
Axel || viii
[Axel shows up a little later on in the day at Wolfram's apartment, by himself this time without Pluto, and once he's in front of his door he knocks a couple of times. They have apartment hunting to do, after all, don't they?]

Yo, open up.