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22 June 2011 at 08:50 am
[An extraordinarily broody Oz is suddenly on the network. Yes, it is possible for him to be even more taciturn than usual.]

It's a prison, shouldn't be too hard to find chains, right?
[Action // Afternoon // Shelter Kitchen // OPEN]
22 June 2011 at 12:46 pm
Hoshigaki Kisame
[Kisame had to give credit where credit was due: it was really nice to have access to an actual stove again. Oven and refrigerator, too. And ingredients! He'd nearly forgotten what it was like to not work with trail supplies or wilderness fare over a camp fire, if they weren't eating at a restaurant. It was a pleasantly novel experience, being able to make what he'd like and not need to worry about issues of feasibility.]

[He hadn't thought it worthwhile to retreat all the way back just to make some lunch, so he'd simply set up shop in the Shelter's communal kitchen for the moment, ignoring the occasional bot that wandered past; by and large, they seemed content to return the favor. Several pots were bubbling and steaming away on the stove, the oven's drone provided some peaceful background noise, and the apron-clad ninja hummed tunelessly as he worked; the kitchen was full of warmth and savory smells.]

[It was obviously more than one person could expect to eat; Kisame was quite used to cooking for two people, even without taking leftovers into account. (Itachi could eat like a bird sometimes, but his own appetite more than made up for it. Besides, cooking in bulk tended to save time when the results weren't especially perishable.) He'd probably bring the rest to let Kitty and Itachi have a shot at it later.]

[But until then, he was content just to be in the moment, allowing his hands to move of their own accord and his mind to focus on no more than the simple satisfaction of being productive and busy. It was about time he could sit down to enjoy making and eating a good meal.....]
[Action | Open]
22 June 2011 at 08:30 pm
Saya Otonashi
[For some reason Saya's feeling energetic, so it's time for a different kind of training. Look up and you might see a lithe girl in a Japanese school uniform, leaping over rooftops, one to the other, though not effortlessly as you'll see from the forceful way she launches herself. In her hand is her sheathed katana, as if she's on her way to battle, although --]

[-- listen closely and you might catch a wisp of laughter in the air. No fighting, today.]

[Saya comes to the end of the line of rooftops and leaps from the edge, arms spread as if she's really flying. At the halfway point she backflips and lands feet first, falling into a crouch and then rolling once before coming to a stop. She's breathing hard, but -- smiling. She hasn't felt that free in a long time.]
22 June 2011 at 10:58 pm
Rider // Μέδουσα
[Rider has her chains off. And she is very, very happy about that. Now she doesn't have to constantly look over her shoulder and spend her time in paranoia of the bots rounding her up.]

[Are you near the training hall or the athletic complex? She'll just alternating between 1) figuring out which of her powers have been nerfed, and 2) trying to figure a good way to keep that lovely chain thing of hers summoned without draining her prana to 0%.]

((OOC: Thread with Yui will be before she goes to the training grounds, and that's closed. Otherwise it's open~))

((OOC #2: She's also wearing her blindfold/that stripper-tastic fighting outfit, so there's no confusion.))