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December 29th, 2013

Fiction: Never Look Back, by Alley_B

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Title: Never Look Back

From: Alley_B ([info]femistopheles)

Summary: Now that Remus and Severus have graduated from Hogwarts, their relationship must change.

Rating: Holiday Spice (R)

HP Era: 1960-1981: Marauders Era

Genre: Drama/Angst

Word count: 1658

Author Note: Many thanks to my helpful beta, sassy-cat, who took on this assignment at the last minute and really came through. A heart felt thank you also goes to Snupin Santa and all her elves for once again making this fest possible. Happy Holidays, everyone!

Prompt: Story #10, from Islandsmoke - Full prompt is in the story end-notes.

December 23rd, 2013

Fiction: Herein Lies the Way, by Alley_B

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Title: Herein Lies the Way

From: Alley_B ([info]femistopheles)

Summary: When a confrontation between Severus and Remus leaves them trapped in a mysterious secret passage where their magic is useless, the two must find a way to solve their differences and work together if they’re to get out alive.

Rating: Coal and Switches (NC17)

HP Era: 1991-1998: Hogwarts Era

Genre: Action/Adventure, Mystery/Suspense, Romance

Word count: 6462

Author Notes: First, gratitude and hugs go to my lovely beta, Garonne, who took on this assignment at a moment’s notice and didn’t disappoint with her work. A heartfelt thank-you goes to the moderators, their helpers and everyone who works so hard every year during this busy season to make this fest happen — you’re my heroes! And to everyone, Happy Holidays! I hope you enjoy my humble offering.

Prompt: I got greedy with this one and decided to claim two prompts and combine them into one story: Story prompt #5, from Shadowycat. Set during POA. Severus spots Remus wandering the corridors late at night. Immediately suspicious, he pursues him to try to discover what he's up to. They get into an argument and somehow manage to trigger a hidden door which sends them somewhere deep within the castle where their magic seems useless to get them out, forcing them to work together… and Story prompt #15, from Hogwartshoney. There is something terrifying about the way Lupin prowls in the days before the full moon. Arousing too, Severus admits, but only to himself, desperately arousing. The moon affects humans and lycans in different ways, it's true, and even Muggles tend to be more erratic in their movements, more on edge. The moon's effect on Lupin is something quite different, and Severus shudders despite himself; despite having faced Dark Lords and monster snakes and the hatred of most of the known Wizarding world, this fear, this anticipation of almost-danger - this is something he can find nowhere else.
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