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In the old tongue it means "liberty". In the new, it means "outlaw". To us, it means "home". An' if I were you? I wouldn't be taking any liberties in the home of an outlaw...

                    ~ Masson

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[8/27/2009 @ 2:26pm]

Hi everyone - Eppie-player here. I'm as sad as I'm sure you all are about this game's seeming early death...I was excited to play with all of you, and I'd never before found a game made up of such solidly lovely people! I'd love to play with all or any of you again, in whatever setting - my aim is 'noteverypain', feel free to hit me up for plot or rp anytime.

Additionally, Eli-player and I have been continuing the story between our characters here, if any of you would like to join us. This board hosts any sort of roleplay, so you'd be welcome.

Take care, and I hope I see some of you again sometime!
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[7/21/2009 @ 4:44pm]

Talk about getting off to a bumpy start!!! Your mod has been absent for about two weeks, because of the DREADED SWINE FLU!!!! Yup, that's right, I caught the friggen pandemic!

Sorry about that unexplained absence, but I've been too sick to even turn on my PC, let alone explain what happened to me!!!

So can I get a rolecall peeps? If you haven't abandoned me or forgotten about Huria, please comment here, and we can give it a bit of a kick start, IE get this puppy off Persephone!!!

Sorry again guys! Hope you haven't all lost hope!!!
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[7/16/2009 @ 9:33pm]


Just wondering if the game has died?
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[7/9/2009 @ 10:53pm]

Hello all! This is just a quick note to tell you all how sorry I am to have vanished without warning. I owe particular apologies to my three thread partners. I had a huge issue come up at work and had to head to New York for the week to deal with it. I'll be back this weekend and hopefully able to reply--at last!--if everyone is still game.
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[7/6/2009 @ 9:06pm]

Hey guys, I've got some sad news. My friend Meg, who was going to be playing our pilot, Peta, has had to throw in the towel due to too many RL stuffs that have got in the way. So we are currently without a pilot.

I will be advertising the character to take over, which Meg has agreed to, as I think that it's a pretty nifty character. If you know anyone who would be interested, PLEASE let them know!

Until then, it's a little quiet here at the mo, my schedule of late actually got busier with school ending than I thought, but is calming down now. I've maxed out my net though, so I won't be fully around until tomorrow. Hopefully I can catch some of you then for a thread or two.

Let me know if there's anything you need guys! I'm loving all your threads so far! Keep it up!

xxx Jess
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[6/28/2009 @ 9:33am]

I just thought to drop in and warn you all that I won't probably be around that much next week. RL kills my internet - I'm moving and my connection will be down for a couple of days. That is, if everything goes like planned. It usually doesn't, so it might be more than just a couple X)

Just that you know. I'm not dead! I'll be back!
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[6/27/2009 @ 11:05pm]

Hello hello, it's the phantom mun who has been MIA for the past week or so. Just saying, that I am now back! And slightly crazy with jet lag and clearly way behind. So hi to all the newbies I still have yet to greet, and if anybody is up for back-logging or other kinds of plotting goodness, I am now free to get on that!
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[6/27/2009 @ 8:45am]

Sorry! Was travelling to and from London from about.... 8am to 11pm with a film screening inbetween, so sorry I wasn't around! Will catch up later today after this job interview I've got going on. :)
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[6/24/2009 @ 1:59am]

Sorry for being a bit AWOL this past week! Real life walloped me upside the head, but this week should be much more calm. Anyone hankering for a thread? I know I'd tossed around ideas with a few of you but I'm not sure what your schedules are like.
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[6/21/2009 @ 4:51pm]

Hi hi, my darling muffins! I just thought I'd pop in and say how much I'm enjoying this game, and that I'm working very hard on two dear friends to find us a tenant! I think I may be making some headway... *laugh* Oh! I forgot to share this, I thought you might like to see it. Pardon the craptastic nature of this sketch, I did it in like half an hour when I was falling asleep, soooooo...yuss. Pretty Eppie Cardiff

Hope you're all having a lovely day :).
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[6/18/2009 @ 12:44pm]

Hey yall!

I'm just so happy that everything is going so well! The feedback from you guys has been awesome, and I'm so chuffed that you are all so enthusiastic about the game and fellow players! Makes a mod's heart swell with pride!

I'll be pinging peeps with possible plot over the next few days. Until then I've got a mission for everyone. We need a Permanent tenant! I'd like to have one before we take off from Persephone, because we might be in space for awhile, depending on how the threading goes. It would be nice to have a full crew.

So I'm asking for pimpage, if you can? Ask your friends, fellow RPers, your next door neighbour! Personally I'd like to see a researcher or scientist in the role, but any stretch of the imagination will be thoroughly appreciated!

Until then, I might be scarce over the next few days, mucho assignments and the what not. So I'll still check in once a day, but won't be available for hours of threading until after next thursday. Have fun without me!
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[6/17/2009 @ 1:12pm]

Hallo, all you spiffy muffins! First of all, I'd just like to thank you all fore creating the vortex of wtf that shall surely destroy the universe. No, really. A game with awesome mods, small cast of well-crafted characters, where everyone in the game can actually write and (GASP) are also nice, fun, friendly people? Yeah, I kinda suspect the entire world - or at least the internets - will be vanishing in a puff of logic any moment now. Quick, someone start a flame war!

*cough* Random stream of consciousness absurdity aside, Hullo! Call me Pix, I'm absolutely chuffed to be joining up, and look forward to writing with all of you. I play lovely little Eppie here, who is such a bundle of contradictions that even I haven't begun to figure her out. Don't worry, though - on the surface she's just a sweet, funny little readhead with a propensity for flirting and a tendency to blush. And look at those freckles, people! Don't you just want to smoosh her cheeks and give her candy? Anyhow, I'm often online at 'noteverypain' and love being pestered, so never hesitate to poke me. I'm terribly distractable, so don't take it personally if I poof from time to time.
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[6/17/2009 @ 6:12am]

Heya :-)

This is Pierson, and I'll be playing Eli Gray.

Gray's a good description of his character, though in honesty, it shades toward the darker end of the scale than the lighter. He was raised a criminal, and he'll die one--messily, he suspects. But he's hoping he's clever and skilled enough that he won't die for quite a while yet.

I've been rp-ing for years, long enough to remember PBEM--play by email. This is the first time I've attempted a game set in the Firefly universe, so if I mess anything up, please, let me know! I gladly take advice. I'm working my way through my Firefly discs again, trying to get a feel for that 'verse.

I live in Sweden, and I can never figure out the time frame for European time--I do know that I'm six hours ahead of EST in the States. I tend to be a night owl, and so I'm generally on during the evening for the States.

You can reach me through email,, PM, or via AIM by PiersonReborn. I'm usually on AIM, though generally I'm in stealth mode. If you want to chat on AIM, ping me, and I'll answer. I can scene either through Google docs or by threads (much preferred), but I won't via AIM logs. Call me old-fashioned or a dinosaur. :-)

This looks like a fun game, I'm glad to be here, and am looking forward to threading with everyone!
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Hello! [6/17/2009 @ 12:38pm]

Hello, I'm finally here! My name is Meg and I'll be playing your pilot. She's not going to be the easiest person to get to know, I'm afraid, but please don't be too put off! I'm looking forward to rping with you all it looks like we have such an awesome cast of characters. I don't use AIM at all, I'm sorry, but I will glad respond to emails and pm's to get any and all plots going along with you all.

much love,
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This Fine Social Scene [6/16/2009 @ 6:35am]

Hello to you all, my fellow crew members & passengers! I'm Heini, the newest addition, and I'll be playing Tico Moreno, the Doctor-who-isn't-quite-one. I'm beyond excitement with Huria, as Firefly rules my heart and RPGs are my quilty pleasure (can you spell procrastination?). However, I've only ever played on boards, so please be patient with me qwI figure out how this works, exactly.

If anyone has any great or less shiny or mediocre plot bunnies to throw at me, I'm always ready for some fun. I'm almost never at AIM but plan on changing that, so you might try catching me there (look for heinapaa). Or just pm, or something :) I'm even less intimidating than Tico.

Without greater ado, huzzah for Huria and all of you. I'm sure this will be FANTASTIC.

(Oh, and I'm from Finland, so expect to see me online at the strangest of hours. And some not-quite-correct expressions, prepositions and phrase structures. When I'm tired they appear :D)
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[6/15/2009 @ 10:54am]

Hey all! Figure I ought to get around to making my intro too! I'm Victoria, and I'll be playing Mahir Jan, one of the passengers aboard the Huria. There's more info on him up in his journal, if you're feeling curious. My AIM is headful of dust and I'm on often, so if you're looking to get in touch, there's probably your best bet. I'm always up for it if you'd like someone to plot with or just chat with or even just poke for the hell of it xD This RP looks and all you guys look awesome!

Although PS: I'm going to be pretty much unavailable from tomorrow to the 27th, b/c of travel reasons and also that I'm kind of an idiot that way >.>; So. Er. My very, very large bad about that.
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Mod = Moron [6/15/2009 @ 5:48pm]

PS: I also realise in my infinite wisdom I put that the Huria is on Beaumonde in the history section, but have told most of you that she takes off from Persephone. So apologies yall! I will be updating it to read Persephone.

Eavesdown Docks, to be specific.

Sorry Victoria!!!
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It's the 15th! W00t! [6/15/2009 @ 5:13pm]

Hey groovy chickitas!

We've got a few new charries, a passenger that is all ready to go and a doctor that will be pretty soon!

I do have to apologise for taking my time getting started, both being in Australia (time differences suck) AND having 7 assignments due for my course by the end of the fortnight, I may be a bit sporadic over the next two weeks.

But I'll be taking 10 minutes to add any contact details to the Friend All post, and keep checking daily to stay on top of everything.

Until then... *ahem*

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First Post! W00t!!!! [6/12/2009 @ 11:05am]

Hey all! Thought I'd get the ball rolling with a bit of a Mod starter! The name's Jess, and can I say I'm thrilled by the response that Huria has recieved! There have been some fantastic apps so far, and with all other slots on hold I can see bright things for the future! I thought I'd let you guys know what it is that I've got in mind for the game.

  • It will be plot driven, with both individual and whole game encompassing threads, that you can choose to be a part of. If you have any idea for your own characters future, please let us know (Jade, the mun for the dishy Jonah Bryce, is also an acting mod).

  • The game will start on Persephone, at The Eavesdown Docks. Passengers will be told of the list of planets that the Huria regularly visits, so they can get to their destination. This doesn't mean that passengers have to get off, it only justifies them getting on board in the first place. They can live like permanent tenants, they just won't get as big a room or as many comforts.

  • The game can be played in comments, AIM or gDoc formatt. You don't have to post your whole RP scene to the com if you don't want to, but a summary would be good. More to follow on this later, once the game is underway.

  • The game will officially start on Monday, 15th of June.
Feel free to post whatever you want to the OOC com, they are now open! Any questions, ask away! I'll be adding some snazzy links to the sidebars, and a contact list will soon be available.
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[6/11/2009 @ 7:56pm]

Hello, hello! I'm pleased to be inaugurating the OOC com. If only I had champagne to pass around!

I am beyond excited for this game. Whedonesque games rule my heart, and I love Firefly most of all. I can't wait to discuss characters and turn little plot bunnies into exciting plot rabbits. I'm not on AIM that frequently, but when I am you can find me at AriadnesYarn. I eat PMs and emails up like candy too, so please contact away! I figure there is at least a wee bit of backstory to discuss since she's been aboard for the last 2 months.

Can't wait to meet you all!

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