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June 11th, 2008

HP Dark!Fic Recs -- Wednesday, 11 June 2008 [Jun. 11th, 2008|09:14 pm]
Fresh Blood:
• FIC [info]michi_thekiller wrote Nightingale. God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages.
-Jacques Deval
(Harry/Draco, NC-17, *dub-con, mental illness, implied torture*)
• FIC [info]lavillanueva wrote Darkest Before Dawn. Slytherins never got detention. Until now. (Amycus/Draco, NC-17, *very dub-con, humiliation, underage*)
• FIC Anon in [info]hpdesmutathon wrote apparitions of your soul. Is this all that is left? Is this all there is? (Snape/Voldemort, NC-17, *character death, dub-con, bondage*)
• FIC [info]belleamante wrote Vigil. The Veil was cold. (Snape/Harry, NC-17, *non/dub-con*)
• FIC [info]linw wrote The Oiran. When the Dark Lord orders his favored Potion Master to investigate some puzzling medical data collected by the Ministry, Severus Snape is thrust into an underground world full of halfbloods and Muggleborns trying to survive in a Wizarding world controlled by blood prejudice. There, he meets the green-eyed entertainer called The Phoenix, and a larger plot of potions injustice and Ministry apathy unfolds. (Snape/Harry, Harry/Others, NC-17, *prostitution, slavery, m-preg, non-con)
• FIC [info]perverse_idyll wrote When the Rose and the Fire Are One. Harry's haunted by guilt. Snape's warded by roses. Each must free the other in order to free himself. (Snape/Harry, NC-17, *violence, character death*)
• FIC [info]themostepotente wrote A Tableau of Fire and Ice. When an archaeological dig yields an artefact with interminable power, Harry must weigh his choices carefully - or risk catastrophic consequences (Snape/Harry, NC-17, *character deaths, non-con*)
• FIC [info]hpstrangelove wrote Aberrations of Love and Hate. Harry Evans knew he should hate Severus Snape for what he was doing to him. No matter what words Snape made Harry say as far as choice went, Snape was still effectively forcing Harry to have sex with him, or so Snape thought. But as far as Harry was concerned, it couldn't be considered force if he wanted and enjoyed all the wonderfully depraved things Snape did to him. (Snape/Harry, NC-17, *charcter death, underage, non-con*)

• ART Dendraica drew The Price of Terror (Draco, Voldemort, Rowle, PG-13, *torture, blood*)
• ART Slinkers drew Suicide n Seizures (Snape, Harry, PG, *character death*)

Seasoned Killers:
• FIC [info]marksykins wrote Lights Out. Harry's the prisoner, Draco's the warden who starts to believe his own lies. (Harry/Draco, R, *character death, implied torture, dub-con*)
• FIC [info]son_of_darkness & [info]melusinahp wrote His Exquisite Mistress. Trapped inside his own mind, for Harry, it has become a matter of will verses desire. (Bellatrix/Harry, NC-17, *non-con BDSM, mind control*)
• FIC [info]maeglinyedi wrote Thou Shalt Not Kill. Don't you just love it when a plan finally comes together? (Remus/Harry, NC-17, *violence, non-con, character death, necrophilia, evil Snape*)

• ART Marikaart drew Despair (Snape, Draco, Harry, PG-13, *character death*)
• ART [info]ships_harry drew Draco and Fenrir (Fenrir/Draco, NC-17, *violence, non-con*)
• ART [info]rouji drew Pyrrhic Victory (Snape/Harry, PG-13, *characer death, blood*)

We are always looking for recs, old and new. If you have any, please comment to this post.
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