Feb. 10th, 2009


Announcements and updates

Hello everyone,

We wanted to inform you of a few important updates:

  • POSTING SCHEDULE: Instead of April 2, posting will begin from April 1, 2009. HOWEVER, the last date for submissions remains March 17, 2009 and for extensions - March 31, 2009.

    This has been done because the number of participants differ from what we originally considered.

  • TEAMS AND CAPTAINS: The three teams have nominated their captains:

    Team AU: [info]thesamanthahope and [info]joanwilder
    Team Epilogue: [info]acromantular and [info]turningleft
    Team EWE: [info]abusing_sarcasm and [info]aoifene

  • PROMPTS: We had 24 prompts based on sayings from the Wizarding world. The prompts are listed hereunder. Participants, please remember that although the fest is not anonymous, your prompt assignments must remain a secret outside of your team. Please note that the order of the prompts is not the posting order.

    1 "I’ll never lay a wand on ___"
    2. "Time is Galleons, little bro, time is Galleons"
    3. "A poisonous toadstool never changes its spots"
    4. Never tickle a sleeping dragon.
    5. A fate worse than a Dementor's Kiss
    6. "No use in crying over spilt potion"
    7. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words with a wand can definitely harm me
    8. Episkey heals all wounds
    9. A Reparo in time saves nine
    10. Well, you just let the kneazle out of the bag
    11. When in doubt, Apparate
    12. Keep your friends close, and your enemies stupefied
    13. Magic is 1% inspiration and 99% incantation
    14. Drunk as a house elf
    15. He who can, does. He who can't, teaches the Dark Arts
    16. Is that a wand in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
    17. Happier than a niffler in a Gringott's vault
    18. This one time, at Hogwarts...
    19. A snitch up his sleeve
    20. Close your eyes and think of Hogwarts
    21. A Butterbeer a day keeps the MediWizard away
    22. I think I saw a Penseive like this once...
    23. A snitch in time saves nine hours of Quidditch
    24. Don't count your Mandrakes before they're repotted

    Watchers are welcome to submit drabbles or drawbles for the prompts, as well. The length should be no more than 1,000 words. Please note that these would be posted only during the voting period.

    As usual, if there are any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask.
  • May. 21st, 2008


    The voting is fierce and extremely close!

    To ensure accuracy, the mods will be taking another day to be able to verify the numbers.

    Thus - the reveal of the winners and who wrote what will be happening tomorrow, instead. In addition, the final comment pr0n day will happen tomorrow, as well.

    We thank you for your patience!

    May. 13th, 2008


    End of the Games

    To all of our watchers, participants and voters:

    The [info]hd_worldcup has concluded posting. Voting will be open until 11:59pm (EST) on May 17th, 2008.

    At that time, polls will be closed and the mods will be tabulating the votes. We will announce the winners on May 21st, 2008. We will also post the official roster.

    Over the next few days, we will not only be posting the watcher drabbles/ficlets submitted to us previously but we will also be opening up the prompts for anyone (participant or watcher) to write a drabble/ficlet based on a prompt in a form of "comment pr0n".

    We had well over a million words produced for the stories along with hundreds of thousands of hits on the various works.

    If you're needing a fix of another pairing, I'd like to take a moment to point you towards our affiliates - Snarry Games and [info]rs_games. Both of these games are currently posting some really amazing works and I urge you to peruse them all. Leave a comment at any of the three games and make someone else's day.

    From the entire moderation team - we want to thank all of you for making these games as awesome as they have been. We're not only impressed with the quality of works produced but also the commenting, rec'ing and fangirl/boying of the stories and teams.

    Apr. 1st, 2008


    Let the games begin!

    In about 6 1/2 hours posting will begin; 8 am EST is sooner than you think!

    Good luck to all of our participants, and we hope you enjoy the H/D World Cup!

    Mar. 26th, 2008


    A few last reminders for watchers and participants

    A little note to remind everyone that posting starts on Tuesday! Time has flown by, and we've received over one million words of fic (and lots of brilliant art too)! Pat the participants on the back (and come back to read and vote in a week!)

    Fic will be posted on Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday while artwork will be posted on Saturdays. Posting will go 6 weeks, voting will remain open for one week past the final posting.

    Here's a little reiteration and further clarification on voting at the [info]hd_worldcup:

    Points, as borrowed from [info]snarry_games, will work as follows:

  • Each work for each prompt will be posted against one another. Please note that all watchers are allowed to vote. However, we regret to say that participants are not allowed to vote.
  • There will be a poll at the bottom of each post and will have three questions:
  • Is the author/artist true to their team? Yes/No vote ("yes" is worth 2 points, "no" is worth 0)
  • How well did the author/artist use their Prompt? 1 to 9 (1 being the least)
  • How much did you like this story/art overall? 1 to 9 (1 being the least)

  • Voting will take place at LiveJournal and InsaneJournal on polls, whereas the stories and art will be posted off site. You can decide where to vote based on where you have an account, but a reminder that we'll be watching for double voting. Users without accounts will not be able to vote.

    A reminder that there will be an outstanding commenter awarded every week decided by us. If you have an account somewhere else, you can comment using Open ID here. Otherwise, anonymous comments will be screened.

    Please note - vote results will only be viewable to the moderation team.

    If you have any questions, feel free to comment or email the mods at hdworldcup[at]gmail[dot]com.
  • Feb. 19th, 2008


    The Big Reveal... of Prompts

    Hello, watchers of the [info]hd_worldcup!

    The teams have been plotting away, busily writing and sketching. As the halfway point has passed, we are very proud to announce the prompts that you will be seeing fulfilled.

    Prompts: )We encourage our watchers to submit drabbles/ficlets of up to 500 words or drawbles based on the prompts. Please email your submissions to the mods at hdworldcup[at]gmail.com. Please be sure to include a header including the title, rating, prompt, a brief summary (include all applicable warnings) and your IJ/LJ name(s). We will then post them throughout the voting period.

    ETA: Please note that by drabble - we mean 100 words. We would like these drabbles/ficlets of up to 500 words be unique so that they do not form one larger story.

    As always, may the best team win.
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    Jan. 2nd, 2008


    Mod Positions Now Available

    The mods at the [info]hd_worldcup are looking to expand their team in anticipation of the wide variety of things that need to happen during the Inaugural and future rounds of [info]hd_worldcup.

    Some of the things we are looking for in the additions to the moderation team are:

    • Reliable internet access
    • Ability to format and use html
    • Available time during the months of January through May
    • Positive attitude and willingness to help
    • Discretion and confidentiality required
    • Creativity and trouble-shooting ability a plus+
    • Reliability and proven follow-through

    Some of the positions that are available are as follows:

    • Tagging entries
    • Coding/Reviewing submissions for proper coding previous to posting
    • Posting submissions
    • Email correspondence

    These positions will require time and effort on your part. In addition, mods, at this time, are not allowed to participate in the games themselves, so please think carefully about this.

    Interested? Want to be part of what will hopefully become a tradition within the H/D segment of fandom? Comment and let us know just how you would like to help!

    (Comments are screened)

    ETA: Positions are now filled! Thanks so much for your interest!

    Jan. 1st, 2008



    Applications have now opened and are being accepted here.

    Applications will be open until January 10th. Please note that the mods make no promises of participation nor do they promise your first choice of team.

    Please read and familiarise yourself with the FAQ as each participant will be held to the rules and standards published within.

    Dec. 3rd, 2007


    Important Announcement

    In light of changing environments/dynamics, a still-ambiguous LJ TOS and the recent suspension of a moderator at another community, the moderators at [info]hd_worldcup have made the decision to move the [info]hd_worldcup to InsaneJournal.

    We did not reach this decision lightly. In fact, we discussed this amongst ourselves and with moderators of other fests and, unfortunately, we all agreed that the climate here at LJ is just not healthy for this sort of thing.

    We are very hopeful that this move will encourage more participation and even better creations by both artists and authors because of the welcoming environment that is available at InsaneJournal. Obviously, we hope that you will follow us there.

    At this time, the [info]hd_worldcup community on LJ will remain for all administrative updates and announcements. We have also created and RSS Feed that you can add to your flist so that those that do not actively watch InsaneJournal will know when new stories and artworks are posted.

    The community link is here. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the moderation team at hdworldcup[at]gmail[dot]com or leave a comment here. All comments are screened.




    The inaugural round of the [info]hd_worldcup will soon be upon us. In the vein of [info]snarry_games , the [info]hd_worldcup will provide a place for Harry/Draco authors and artists to go "mano a mano" against each other. You vote, you decide. The only catch is… it's anonymous. You won't know who wrote or drew what until after the voting.

    Important dates:

    Applications: January 2nd, 2008 through January 10th, 2008.

    Response and team assignments sent by: January 19th, 2008.

    Due Date: March 15th, 2008

    First Posting: April 1st, 2008

    Some Frequently Asked Questions )

    If you have any questions, comments or concerns about games, please feel free to contact the moderators by email: hdworldcup @ gmail.com

    May 2009

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