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[21 Feb 2013|01:40am]

Vox Populi article 'IT IS TIME' by Mad Tom )

[21 Jan 2013|06:44pm]

The Daily Prophet

Friday, April 18 2025

Teenage Witch Destroys Fountain At Ministry

It was a normal, busy day at the ministry on April 17th, the day that a young witch cast a destruction spell upon one of the fountains in the main foyer. What sparked this instance of teenage rebellion is a mystery. The witch, who has identified herself only as Melaina, fled the scene without comment.

“There was suddenly this rumbling and next I know there's all this stone flying everywhere!” a witness told the Prophet.

The young witch is said to have climbed the fountain in order to cast her spell from the centre of the stone structure. While the witch herself is not dangerous, the rubble from the blast proved itself to be quite lethal, injuring almost a dozen innocent bystanders. Two bystanders required emergency transportation to St Mungo's hospital. They are both in stable condition.

“It is time for change, Minister. It is time to tell the muggles about us before it is too late.”

These are the words spoken by the witch before her lucky escape through the floo network. Do we have a new activist on our hands, or is this merely another teenager thinking she can change the world? One thing the Prophet knows for certain, she has gone one step too far. Witnesses have gone as far as to suggest that a muggle boy has her lovestruck, and that all she wants is a way past the Statute of Secrecy. We at the Prophet empathise, but want our readers to know that such thoughtless destruction is not the way to do it. We want Melaina to think about those she hurt, and strongly recommend that she turn herself in.

Now, you ask, who is this Melaina? Is she a lovestruck teen, or simply a lonely young girl seeking attention? Aurors are seeking anyone who can identify her. She has been described as Caucasian, no taller than five-foot-four, light blonde hair, her general appearance seemingly younger than seventeen, though authorities have confirmed that she is, in fact, of age.

Auror Robertson was there on the scene. “There are no records of a witch named 'Melaina' in wizarding Britain. Unless she's faking an accent she's not foreign, so we have good reason to believe that she's using a pseudonym.”

The Auror department asks that anyone who knows the true identity of Melaina [photographed above] or has any information regarding her whereabouts come forward with the information.

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