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i'll watch you burn out [27 Apr 2013|12:47am]

CHARACTERS: Della Richmond & Robert Nott
SETTING: The Leaky Cauldron, Diagon Alley
DATE: 16 April
SUMMARY: Years later, not much has changed.

two feet standing on a principle )

Protest [13 Apr 2013|02:14pm]

CHARACTERS: Open to all
SETTING: Ministry of Magic
DATE: April 12th
SUMMARY: From all over wizarding Britain, witches and wizards have been called in by flier or poster or word of mouth to join the protest! Today the Liberals stand at the ministry to demand the lawful merging of muggle and wizarding culture.

it's only a matter of time... )

We keep this so dramatic [04 Apr 2013|02:18am]

CHARACTERS: Melaina & James Potter
SETTING: Ministry of Magic
DATE: April 4th
SUMMARY: Melaina is toying with the Auror department, reminding them of their vulnerabilities.

its purpose will be added )

And everything I had to know, I heard it on my radio [03 Apr 2013|03:36am]

CHARACTERS: Melaina & Mad Tom
SETTING: Headquarters for the radio station Beat
DATE: April 3rd
SUMMARY: Melaina's at it again, grabbing attention bringing the talk back to the Extremist movement before people can forget.

So don't become some background noise )

when all of your flaws and all of my flaws are counted [02 Apr 2013|06:27am]

CHARACTERS: Celeste Fawley & Robert Nott
SETTING: A dinner party for the minister at the Fawley estate
DATE: April 2nd
SUMMARY: Upperclass pureblood girls shouldn't smoke during dinner parties, a fact both of them are aware of.

a cigarette for all her troubles was hardly much to ask. )

Who needs love, when you have Southern Comfort? [24 Mar 2013|08:44am]

CHARACTERS: Melissa Rosier & Robert Nott
SETTING: The Silver Spoon
DATE: 8th of April, 2028
SUMMARY: Melissa’s parents are insistent she start dating so she can find her future husband. Robert is under similar pressure from his parental authorities. They are meeting for dinner to appease their parents and enjoy each other’s company.

At least they can stand to be around each other )

Birds of a Feather... [24 Mar 2013|04:10am]

CHARACTERS: Melissa Rosier & Ace Pruitt
SETTING: Blackwing Tavern
DATE: Saturday 25th, March, 2028
SUMMARY: A night of catching up and martinis, Ace and Melissa have a girls night out.

Oh, they got me thinking, I'd be happier just drinking )

[22 Mar 2013|10:12pm]

CHARACTERS: Fred and Roxanne Weasley. and Lucy. Hugo is welcome as well? Just everyone.
SETTING: Weasley's Wizard Wheezes
DATE: 21 March, 2013
SUMMARY: Roxy visits her favorite brother at work and they discuss plans for the future.

Partner let me upgrade ya. )

[21 Mar 2013|10:14pm]

CHARACTERS: Grayson Wood & Kelley Madley
SETTING: Side-street/alley somewhere near Skittles
DATE: Thurs 21st March
SUMMARY: A questionable state after ingesting questionable things

Everyone who loves me goes away & I'd kill myself if that would make them stay & I'm drinking to the day that I was made & I'm sucking on my grown-ups lemonade )

[20 Mar 2013|06:17pm]

CHARACTERS: Paola Zabini & [open] [Some suggestions: the expected company; a chance meeting; a clumsy passer-by; etc.]
SETTING: Carmel Coffee
DATE: 20th March; early afternoon
SUMMARY: Conversation and coffee. Paola hates being made to wait.

She was supposed to be meeting someone and they were late.  )

You'll never know what a fool I've been [19 Mar 2013|03:25am]

CHARACTERS: Scorpius Malfoy & Lily Potter
SETTING: Carmel Coffee
DATE: September 3rd, 2026
SUMMARY: Flashback and a continuation from the 'Step Into My Office, Baby' thread. Scorpius and Lily are meeting outside of work to set the record straight, and perhaps make their work days just that little bit cheerier.

it's totally not a date )

[17 Mar 2013|03:50pm]

CHARACTERS: Scorpius Malfoy & Amelia Rowe
SETTING: The Silver Spoon
DATE: March 16th
SUMMARY: He hasn't met Amelia before, but it doesn't matter. He's being pressured to find a wife and her family simply insists. An arranged date; the first and probably the last. It doesn't matter because neither of them has much hope anyway.

the whole thing is pointless, really, but giving in is easier )

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