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Cede reintroduces herself. [15 Oct 2014|08:55pm]

Lily is Evil and Must be Destroyed )

Basically what I'm looking for is a re-intro into all of YOU guys. Because there are so many, and I am so failure. If we maybe have lines/could have/should have lines? That sort of thing.

[02 Apr 2014|10:02am]

click for awesome )

NO ACTIVITY CHECK FOR APRIL [28 Apr 2013|12:37am]

Since no one in this game has done enough tags to pass this month's activity check, we are rolling over the tags into the next month. Any tags you have done in April will count for the May check.

Though we are not having an activity check this month, we are still removing characters who have not been active at all since applying. Characters who were accepted during or after the March AC are an exception.

The following players have been removed from the game:
  • Cait - Rose Wealsey, Amy Finch-Fletchley
  • Miranda - Hugo Weasley (an exception, Hugo wrote one tag on Feb 18)
  • C.M. - Orion Avery
  • Emma - Victoire Lupin
  • Marie - Albus Potter
  • Nat - Fred Weasley
  • Xav - Lysander Scamander (Roxanne Weasley has tagged twice. However it seems Xav has chosen to leave the game)
These players may audition again if they wish to return. We cannnot promise that canon characters will still be available.

To those that remain, please pick up the activity. We will not be so lenient in the May AC. Only those who have been on haitus for 5+ weeks through April and May will be exempt. Characters who failed the March AC will still be required to pass the May AC to stay in the game.

on/off hiatus until the first week of may [18 Apr 2013|07:35am]

hey guys! i really don't want to do this, but school is proving a bit too much atm. this... could be premature, considering we're mostly doing revision from now on i think? but i'm still doing a lot outside school and during the week i'm generally just exhausted, so until study leave i'm declaring a ~sort of hiatus.

basically i'll still get things done and still be around on the weekends hopefully, but i'll probably take longer at things/be around a bit less until may. (sigh, what's the difference, i hear you ask? we just don't know.) but if you need anything modwise/want to plot with della, lily or celeste, feel free to drop me a message on amelioratess at aim or here, even. (aaaalso hopefully soon i will have an intro post up for celeste god, i'm sorry i'm so awful.)

[15 Apr 2013|04:47pm]

Hello there everybody! My name is Katie, I am completely new up in this joint, and I come bearing a single character whose name is Gwendolyn Selwyn.

Gwen is the offspring of Pansy Parkinson and Peregrine Selwyn, but far from the perfect Pureblood young lady (a product of her mum's fit-throwing and her da's gentle indifference). She is 23, unaffiliated with the political groups, and pretty much more interested in Quidditch than anything you have to say to her: but that has more to do with her own social ineptitude than to do with you. She was Slytherin Quidditch Team Captain in her years at Hogwarts, and built up a bit of a reputation while there as a "scary girl" - mostly, she was intimidating and reserved and nobody knew much about her personal life, and that led to rumors going around about her being in the mafia or outswimming the giant squid when he dared challenge her. She ignored said rumors, but your characters may not have!?

A few things that aren't explicit in her application but you may want to know: her brother Garrett is only two years older than her and was something of a heartthrob/womanizer during his years at school, so if your character doesn't know Gwen, they may have known her brother in some capacity (ladies, we're looking at you.) Gwen's never dated anyone, at least publicly, but she is in dire need of at least one close friend (as close as Gwen gets, anyway), a handful of other friends or previous teammates, acquaintances, maybe an enemy or two? And if anyone wants to offer up their gentleman for a previous (failed or not failed) romantic entanglement with her, it should be loads of hilarity. Gwen isn't exactly smooth and she's more likely to glare at someone for holding the door for her than to thank them.

Nowadays, she's somewhat in the public eye (thanks to her position with the Harpies) but has taken absolutely no outward stance on the political issues at hand, despite shrill urging from her mother. On this point, she is as neutral as Switzerland. At least.. outwardly.

To sum up this extraordinarily TL;DR: Gwen Selwyn is a strong-but-silent Pureblood Slytherin tomboy, and I want your lines. I am sometimes extremely socially awkward, but I would really love to plot with any and all of you (throw any ideas you have at me!) so please comment here or ping me at musicians duet best whenever. I've also just joined the blast chat which is an entirely new experience for me, so feel free to throw things at me there as well. Look forward to hearing from you all!

hiatus till april 30th. [08 Apr 2013|06:53pm]

april is the cruelest month ): finals are here etc etc.
so i'm going to take a hiatus (for both lyra and robert) to just put pressure off some replies/rp-ing and focus on revision. although i'm very much open for plotting. <3

i shall be back soon. xx

Time for a 'peaceful' protest [08 Apr 2013|09:32pm]

On April 12th we are starting up a protest thread. Any character can participate by either watching the protesters or being one of them. There will (hopefully) be multiple threads going on, and for anyone who doesn't have time for threading you can make up a sign or a chant and that will count towards the next activity check. The protest itself is being held at the ministry, run by James Potter with the aim of peacefully persuading the ministry officials to support the Liberal cause. More information will be given in the thread itself.

wolf girl [01 Apr 2013|08:47pm]

hi! it's pam (also playing robert nott) and this is lyra galbraith. my new/second character! BASICALLY CUTTING TO THE CHASE: she's a werewolf.

doobly doo more under here i guess )


ACTIVITY CHECK - MARCH [CLOSED] [29 Mar 2013|10:08pm]

Due to me (Evie) being on holiday, the posting of the AC was delayed by a day, so I'm extending it a day, giving everybody the same amount of time I had initially said. The check will now run from March 29th to April 1st.

You must provide links to a thread or threads which in total, consist of five log tags from the main together as fools roleplaying comm. You must have five tags per character for them to pass the AC. If your character was brought into the game after March 10th that character is exempt from this month's check. However, we would like if you could comment below just to let us know that you're around.

If you know that your character or characters won't pass this AC, firstly don't worry - we know things are busy at the moment, and hopefully you'll be able to pass the next one. Secondly, we would appreciate if you could comment or let us know that you're around anyway, just to help us keep track of everybody as some people we haven't heard from in a while. If don't provide evidence of activity, your character will be put on a list of inactive characters which will be posted in the ooc comm. To get off this list, either comment with the tags within a week of the list going up or wait until April's activity check. If you pass that, you'll be removed from the list. If not, your character will be removed from the game for inactivity. If you don't respond to the AC and we don't see anything from you in game or ooc within two weeks of the AC ending, then your characters will be removed from the game.

If there are any questions, feel free to ask us! Please comment below using these formats:



DIDN'T PASS alternatively, you can contact us privately

[30 Mar 2013|01:53am]

Clive is moving in with his partner Chloe and they are throwing a party!

The party is on Saturday the 1st of April (April Fools Day!) at their house. The party is not a trick, but Clive Wood is certainly not going to pass up an opportunity to work in a few good pranks on such a prestigious holiday. Guests are advised NOT to wear their favourite clothing. They may never get the glitter out. There will be plenty of alcohol and silly shenanigans, games and lots of cake. Everyone who is friends with the Woods is invited, along with whoever they want to bring. The more the merrier!

We won't be threading the party since this is sort of too soon after Lily's birthday party, but feel free to mention the awesome April-Fools-Day-Party at Clive and Chloe's house in later threads if you wish. Also, any house-warming gifts can be given in the comments below. *totallysubtlenudge*

ACTIVITY CHECK NOTICE [18 Mar 2013|04:45pm]

We're going to be having our first activity check coming up at the end of this month. As we only opened in February we didn't feel it was fair to have a check for that month, so this covers everything from the start of the game to the end of March.

The check will take place from March 28th-31st.

This gives you four days to comment with five tags, starting or replying, from the main comm. If your character was brought in after March 10th then you are exempt from this month's check. If you fail to respond/can't produce the tags, your characters will be placed on a list of possibly inactive characters which we'll post to this comm. To get off this list, comment on the post to let us know that you're around and if possible, link to the threads. If you miss/don't pass two activity checks in a row, your characters will be dropped.

There's plenty of time to get threading before the post goes up, so if you don't think you're going to be able to pass at the moment then organise a thread with somebody or post an open starter and see what comes of it. Happy roleplaying!

[12 Mar 2013|11:51am]

Okay, so I totally fail. I was busy the past week passing my final exam so I could graduate from nursing school. Mission completed, but I failed to come back and introduce myself. So I've been here a few weeks now, and here is my tardy introduction. Name's Marie, and I recently moved to NYC after graduation (hooray). Now things are settled, so I should be good to go.

This fella I bring to you is Albus Severus Potter, brother of James and Lils. He currently is working under Uncle Charlie as a dragonlogist in Romania, but I have plans for him to return to the U.K. pretty soon here. He's been gone a few years thus far. There are some potential lines for past relationships and future correspondences, so if anyone has any interest in those lemme know. ^___^

Time to get involved. Sorry for my delay!

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