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Sep. 19th, 2017


A Sherlock for my Joan?


Something for Evie from Descendants?


I would love to get something going for Dany. It doesn't matter who or if the line is merely them interacting as friends.


[info]maester theon greyjoy so i'm not the most problematic half-stark anymore, val, grenn, pyp, the rest of the wall crew and the wildlings

Sep. 18th, 2017


Potentially a long shot but if there are any Morans floating about, do come out and play.


Now that real life isn't utter shit, I'd love to dust this lady off and find some psls for her. Ed Nygma is my ideal choice, but I'm open to other ideas/pairings. I'd like to pick things up from the episode before the season finale and go slightly AU from the show, but I'm definitely not dead set on it. Journals only.


Lines for Bucky Barnes?

Prefer post CA:TWS or CA:CW AU. Gen to start, open to M/F or M/M down the line. Journal threading or comm only. Default to present tense but don't mind my partners using past. Not interested in Wanda, Darcy, Tony or T'Challa for shipping, sorry.


a treasure island themed line for an older jim hawkins


I'm the latest one to this party, but if anyone from FFXV is still lurking around, I'll be taking this guy to [info]knowheremod and would loooove castmates. Also open to PSLs! Hit the dropbox up and I can put together a custom. ♥


Greyjoys roll out!

Theon where you at?! Find me at [info]maester


Frank Castle for my Karen Page? I have a rough idea in mind, but would love to brain storm.


Since this was a success last time, I figured I'd try it.

Varys, you are dearly wanted over at [info]maester. Tyrion is doing his best to hold everything together as things progress but he would dearly like your counsel and your assistance. Plus, as an added bonus, you get to read Littlefinger's execution thread.

In general, we also need a Bran Stark. He's still beyond the Wall in our current storyline but we just got a Meera, who is dearly looking for the guy she has to drag back to the Wall/Winterfell. Please, come to us, tell us how beautiful we looked as we were going through major trauma.

For [info]wylla and [info]wynafryd, we would love a Wyman and/or Wylis Manderly to deal with their daughters. Wylla's been getting into some trouble, so having her father/grandfather around would be A+.

We also have a wanted list if you need more ideas!

Sep. 17th, 2017


Anyone interested in a DW line against Rose? Nine and Ten are love but I wouldn't mind exploring something with Twelve or even Thirteen.



Ser Jorah Mormont is hereby summoned to [info]maester to return from his scouting voyage and bring his queen proof of the Northern threat. He's also the last person living who knew Daenerys before she cut her teeth on slavers and offending armies, and she desperately needs his link to her old hopes and humanity in the days to come.

Missandei is also sorely wanted to fill the BFF role. Dany is currently in King's Landing, surrounded by people who either fear, dislike, or want to manipulate her ... and will soon head North, where people will similarly fear or dislike her. She needs a confidante who believes in her, who can draw a laugh out of her.

I've kept a lot of Daenerys' book canon but with show alterations, so show versions are welcome! PM me or comment here for deets, if you're curious. We all want to see Iain Glen and Nathalie Emmanuel's beautiful faces on our FPs; it is known.


Currently looking for some Pokemon lines, lighthearted modern-day superheroics and some story-driven smutty goodness (among other cravings). Check the journal for all the needed info.


Marauders!: An 80s AU

[info]80smarauders_ic Severus Snape, Molly & Arthur Weasley, Amelia Bones, Fabian Prewett and more for 80s fun times!

About the game )


Currently in season two of SoA but I'd love to play Tara against Jax or any of the boys.


Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost, anyone? I'm open to all seasons, AUs, crossovers. Het/femme/gen.


[info]maester bran, pretty please. because who else is she going to drag around north of the wall?

Sep. 16th, 2017


A Rhaegar for my Lyanna?

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