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Nov. 19th, 2017


supernatural lines for a lucifer's son? i'd be open to supernatural characters, or simply going au with an angels vs demons premise.


A tiny bit late to the party here, but after seeing Thor: Ragnarok, I'd love to try my hand at playing the Thunder God himself, so I drudged up this old journal.

Disclaimer: I've never actually had the urge to play him before, but I'm intrigued by where the movie left things and would love to explore a more mature side of him. One who takes his new role very seriously, while also feeling like he's totally not cut out for this shit.

I would absolutely love a Loki or a Valkyrie and would be more than happy to toss ideas back and forth. But mostly I'd like to get a feel for him before jumping into any major plots!


Looking for a Bucky Barnes!

Nov. 18th, 2017


I've been mainlining Westworld again and now I'm itching to do something fandom with a western slant. Maybe a Westworld derivative with fandom characters instead of Hosts, or a modern, zombpocalypse game set in a ghost town, effectively jamjar-ing things. I'm open to other ideas, too, and would love to find some folks with whom to kick this around. Comm or gpsl; I love psls, but they haven't been working for me lately.

Any takers?


Lines for Bruce? Looking for Diana, Catwoman, or villainesses.


Looking for HP or Sherlock! Primarily Severus Snape, Luna Lovegood, or Lily Evans, though I could probably be persuaded to play someone opposite of Severus or Luna, too. For Sherlock, I play John or Sherlock. Most interested in Johnlock, but could be persuaded to do others.


Interested in writing strongest avenger with captain dork (Thor and Captain America). I can play either (with a preference for Cap) and would rather iron out the details together.


Harry Potter!

Calling Harry Potter for [info]reconsider. Preferably from around 2028, as I would LOVE to play with a next-Gen era Harry dealing with his sort-of-a-criminal middle child. Cursed Child has been largely ignored by the HP players in game, but everything else is canon. Comment here or at my OOC post if you want to chat!

(Would also love an Albus Dumbledore or Severus Snape from any era!)


Frank Castle for my Karen Page? I do have an idea or two kicking around, but I’d love to plot/brain storm - open to things being pre or post The Punisher. Journal only.


[info]thewalkabout Horizon: Zero Dawn castmates. Aloy and Avad, in particular, but anyone would be amazing.


PETER PETTIGREW you are needed over at [info]icalledshotgun!


Short and simple... any lines for Gale? We can bat around ideas if anyone is interested.

Nov. 17th, 2017


Something for this brat on his (questionable) path of redemption? Strong preference for Thor or Sif. I have mostly pre-Ragnarok plot ideas, but am open to brainstorming others as well.


Jon, Tyrion, Harry, Willas, Petyr, or rarepairs for Sansa, please! We can figure out how to get pretty much anyone up in the North with her. :D


Jaime, Daario, Jorah, or Rhaegar for lines. Active writer, het, plot w/smut.


I know it just came out and all but... lines? Barry needs friends.


richard harmon for a psl? fandom or pb, they're both going to have dark and adult themes.

Nov. 16th, 2017


Looking to play a war-torn Columbus from Zombieland against Ellie from The Last of Us. Very AU, playing fast and loose with timelines. Happy to share more ideas if there is any interest for this oddball pairing. Featuring: zombies! trust issues! bonding! and a very long list of rules.


Currently seeking a Pokemon psl (here's some info) of story-driven smut. Check my IJ for the needed OOC info, and contact me there if interested (or if something else there interests you).


Looking for some Harry Potter lines, or amall active games. Mostly slash lines for PSLs. I play a multitude of characters, from Marauders Era through Nexr Gen Era, though I'd try 1920s if the right line came along. Prefer to play characters in their mid-late 20s, I love to world build and don't mind secondary characters in a PSL. I like things on the lighter side/slice of life scenes, though some danger/drama is okay, as are crack lines.


Kingsley/Harry in a post DH world where Kingsley is Minister but Harry plays Quidditch instead of being an Auror (I'd play Harry);

AU where James survived Voldemort (idk Volds didn't use AK on him or whatever) and is raising Harry as a single dad, Sirius/James or James/Other Male character with supporting Sirius/Remus;

Have always wanted to play Albus Severus against either Scorpius or an OC Longbottom son. No idea on a line.

Also open to tons of other ideas, lets have a conversation. Thanks for reading!

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