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Dec. 3rd, 2020


Sirius Black seeking het lines or something with Moony. Because tis the season for Marauders era Padfoot to be stuck at Hogwarts for Christmas, and trio era Sirius to have company.

I'm happy to jump in at any point in the timeline. Something canon or AU (my favorite AUs are time shenanigans with someone from the trio era sent back, or Sirius stepping out of the veil)

Nov. 30th, 2020


Anyone looking for a 616 Clint?

Het, Slash, Whatever - I'm open to it.


Is there anyone around who's still interested in writing in the Queer as Folk fandom?


looking to dust off an old muse- open to all sorts of pairings for lyanna stark. i also play other characters in the asoiaf/got world if there's interest in others. feel free to comment here or in the journal, both are screened.

Nov. 29th, 2020


I'm looking for a few additional PSLs, primarily in the Star Wars, Marvel, or DC fandoms. More information on what characters I write and playing preferences can be found right this way.


[info]boltonlake Would love to have the estranged non-Winchester-Winchester around for making peace with his half brothers. SPN's ending has me wanting to fix all of the things even in AU land. So Adam, it'd be great!

Nov. 28th, 2020


I'd like to dust this character off. After a grueling year, I need something happy. Any Zoe Hart's around that would like to have a roll in the hay with Wade here?

Might take him a century to do it, but this good ole cowboy has a soft spot for the Doc.


a shot in the dark here, but you miss 100% of the shots you don't take, as they say...

New to IJ and haven't gotten the chance to familiarize myself with IJ RP culture and navigating the site in general, so I'm sorry for any awkwardness or unintentional faux pas while I try to figure things out.

I have Oswald Cobblepot from Gotham here and, simply put, I'm looking to dive into a dark, punishment/humiliation-heavy/revenge-type scenario with him. Canon, crosscanon, crossmedium, whatever. I do enjoy Oswald being forced out of his element - it's always fun to explore how a character hungry for power reacts when he doesn't have the sense of control he desperately needs and realizes he can't threaten, bargain, talk, or beg his way out of a mess. And god knows this guy is great at pissing people off (and then wonders how come no one is loyal to him.) Some of the most interesting writing I've gotten to do was with characters like Hannibal or Eddie Gluskin - fellow 'villains' who scare Oswald for different reasons.

So consider this an invitation not only to fellow 'Bad Guys' but to any character who could have a bone to pick with the snarkastic little shit that is Oswald. Male characters, please.

Thanks for considering! Please send a private message if you're interested, and we can talk things out and see if our writing styles gel, etc etc. Take care.


Something for Malcolm from Prodigal Son? Slash preferred but will do het for the right line. Open to show characters, crossovers or OCs.

Nov. 27th, 2020


Blaine (canon or AU), or Darren?

Nov. 25th, 2020


could i get an adora for my catra? or vice-versa? happy taking either role but i'd love something long term and scene-driven!


a long-shot, i'm sure, but i'm looking for a feyre for my rhysand! also open to writing azriel or some ocs in the ACOTAR world if rhys doesn't appeal to anyone.


slightly unusual request, but watching and rewatching the trailers for the solo black widow movie has me practically vibrating with eagerness to play in the marvel world and not necessarily be confined by the mcu's established details.

an original black widow, since we know there's more than just natasha and yelena.

open to playing against cap, bucky, natasha, yelena, other winter soldiers, other marvel/mcu characters

comment below or in the screened post in the journal


I know it's a seriously slim chance, but does anyone out there have any Twin Peaks muses?

I would prefer to bring them to a game Dale here is in, but worst case I'd also talk PSLs.

Ideally, I'm looking for Annie Blackburn, Audrey Horne, or Diane Evans for shipping, Harry Truman, Albert Rosenfeld, or Norma Jennings for friendship.


anyone interested in a lore olympus psl or something greek mythology based on persephone and hades?

Nov. 24th, 2020


help ive fallen into this fandom and i can't get out.

any chance there's a lan wangji around who needs some very calm and very considerate company?


I'm looking for a PSL. My fandom characters are listed here. Fandoms include The Magicians, history/mythology, Harry Potter, and the MCU. (I tend toward AU in the MCU, mixing in a hint of comics and maybe even the cartoons as inspiration, though my knowledge of both is limited.)


Probably a long shot, but would anybody like anything with D.Va here? I've gotten back into Overwatch in a big way, lol.

I'm also totally down for playing Genji in a McGenji line - Blackwatch or post-Recall, either works!


Anyone who writes Sam interested in a Sam/Dean line? If so, please contact me here!

Nov. 22nd, 2020


looking for fantasy lines! something in exandria, westeros, faerun or coming up with something else. interested in world-building and crafting up a fun sandbox to play around in.

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