Jul. 29th, 2009


Wedding Thread

Sad news, game-wise! While this isn't a definite, the possibility of Kain and Blythe's wedding being threaded isn't looking so great. Brandi will be moving that night and won't be able to access a computer on a regular basis for an indefinite amount of time (depends on how fast I can get myself a new laptop).

If it's possibly to backlog it, we will. If we can do it on the 3rd, we have to warn that it'll be slow-going.

Again, nothing is a definite, but I thought I'd let everyone know!

Jun. 20th, 2009


Barn Attack!

Thanks to a deal with Emerald, the assassin has helped Tailypo find a way into the barn again. He will be sneaking in tonight, taking two horse tails and leaving at least three dozen rabbit carcasses (all internally devoured) inside.

Helpful hint: If one were to lay down bear traps around the barn, Tailypo wouldn't be likely to return~

On another note! Blythe's mood swings will be slightly more radical than usual due to her halfblood heritage. Just a fair warning!

May. 7th, 2009


Upcoming Tournament Information

It's that lovely time of year, everyone! This is strictly OOC knowledge for now, until Lucifer or Metatron say more on it. However, I'm thinking that the second trial will be from Friday, June 5th to June 10th. For some extra information on the trial, click here.
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Apr. 2nd, 2009


a short update

Something that has been plotted out for about a month now is finally going to come to "fruitation" - for a few days Asgard will be plagued with some other enthusiastic plant-life (an obscure power of Emerald's), the kind that at best will stir up latent allergies, and at worst can make one seriously ill. Thorny vines will start to cover the entire mansion, making it a little difficult to get in and out. 

Though the plants are poisonous, there are plenty of ways to kill them, from herbicide to fire. However, the problem won't go completely away until Frank gets the talisman from Emerald.

This newest nuisance for Asgard won't officially start until I hear back from Hannah (whom I just emailed today - I'm sorry about the wait, again), so I don't get too far ahead.

Edit: That's settled, Emerald is now on her newest mission to annoy Asgard.

Mar. 25th, 2009


Talisman Update

Go here to see the current list. It can still be changed, but I made sure everyone who volunteered had at least one character involved.

If people's schedules get messed up, don't worry - choose a date before April 10th where the event happens, decide overall what will occur and you guys can choose your pace in the thread, just have a general thing in mind and act as though it's been retrieved in a day or so or whenever. The only reason I push to have it actually happen is because Metatron needs to recover sometime in April, even if we have to push the date back for some reason.

Also, if you'd rather things on the list get changed, let me know, but I hope this will work for everyone. Also, EVERYONE can work on #6, it's just that no one will really find it or anything because it will show up all on its own. XD

Mar. 12th, 2009


The Talisman Sign-up Sheet

Alright, thee's five more talismans to find and all Asgardians (even if you were shy and hadn't voted yet) can have a turn as long as the people who officially volunteered first get their chances.

More information about the talismans will be given soon, but baaasically...here's every poem and where the talismans can be found (though the characters are not receiving the location with them - and please wait until Sydonai gives the poems ICly herself to the others before reacting to these in-character.) Each talisman, with the exception of #2 and #6, should have two or more people on it.

The talisman riddles and sign-up sheet! )

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Sign-ups? Comment!

Mar. 3rd, 2009


Flauros/Morana/Eileen/Sal Plot

To kinda help iron things out so that people know what's going on with this thread that came out of nowhere - Sal and Flauros are playing a kidnapping game. With Brandy beaten up and bleeding, she calls on the help of Morana and Eileen to save her. This is deliberate, because Flauros and Sal want to put the two women to the test.

It's really just to screw with their sense of justice, as Brandy refuses to be rescued and keeps trying to convince them that Flauros is really a good guy who needs love and attention. So it only lasts a day overall - the three women get home by nightfall. Just thought I'd give everyone a head's up about that. :)

Feb. 16th, 2009


Talisman #1 Event

Syd has told Dorian how to help Metatron~! When Dorian alerts the others to the poem that hints of where the first talisman is located, everyone who wants to can take part trying to figure out where the item is located. Characters should not instantly figure out where the talisman is. It's unrealistic. Give it some time and meander through it as your characters try to figure out where it is. Have fun with it! If your character is unlikely to figure it out, that's fine too!
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Feb. 8th, 2009


Helping With Future Confusion

I know this technically isn't my job, but I realized that this upcoming week will be filled with plots and malfunction days, so I thought I'd repost it here so that everyone has a reference.

February 10th – Brandy Arrives
February 12th – Henry and Kain hold their Asgard meeting
February 13th – Personality Switch Day
February 16th – Sydonai talks to Dorian, who talks to Asgard, about a cure for Metatron
February 18th – Truth Day

Feb. 6th, 2009


Since I don't want to draw out this plot for too long, starting this Monday February 9th, Carrion will be solely focusing on Balam and the rest of Niflheim will reclaim their dreams again. But if anybody wanted to request a thread concerning the nightmare stuff with Carrion (perhaps he's found out in some way, or he goes to visit the particular dreamer, etc.,), let me know in this post. (Or not - just saying.)

Thanks, ~Mary 

Feb. 3rd, 2009


The Metatron-beginning-plot thread has been posted now. Chrissy asks that characters not make responses (journal entries) on it until she posts an entry as Metatron this evening (eastern standard time over here).

Thank you~


Update, update, Metatron is down for the count! xD

Feb. 1st, 2009


Upcoming Bundle of Joy

Well, we weren't expecting so much attention on the upcoming pregnancy, but Brandi's given me the go ahead to just let everyone in on a couple of things.

The pregnancy will be unplanned and unexpected by Kain and Blythe. The baby will be born in December (before New Years, thankyouverymuch xD). They will not know the gender of the baby until delivery, but it will be a boy (for Kain~) named Roland Aidah Highwind. The first name bears resemblance to Kain's father's name (Richard) and the second name is Blythe's father's name.

They'll move out the second bed in their room and make space for a cradle and...baby supplies. They will also hope to ask Alessa and Henry to be the godparents (if either respectfully declines, they will ask others).

I think that's as much as we know for sure at this point. Everything else will just have to happen as the time comes. Also, the Mod has stated that no one in Niflheim will have the ability to abduct or hurt the baby. He is immune to such plots.


Details Of The Metatron Plot

Alright, everybody, for the next two months, it’s gonna get a little crazy. I’m going to explain the general plot and then give dates so that everyone understands what’s going on and why. The main characters involved are Chrissy’s, Mary’s, and mine, as it was our devised plot, but because it will be complex at times and because we’ll need help with some other players, this post is being made to clear everything up.

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