2nd Aug, 2015


Tokyo Drifters - Rules and Guide

条例 - Rules

Rules are very simple - 1. Don't be a Jerk, 2. No God-modding, 3. Minimum one response every 48 hours - No long absences without warning. Players will receive a warning if they break the rules. There is a three strike rule - at the end of which you will be asked to leave the game, and if necessary another player will take on your character to finish any threads they have left hanging. Now that nasty business is over...


手引き - Guide

- All game related content (OOC, IC and MOD) is posted to this journal (buriedfae_rpg). Players are free to use their journals as they wish.
- All entries are to be tagged. Example tags are found on the journal main page.
- Profile posts are to act as screened drop boxes, for contacting players.
- Posts are to be third person, past tense.
- Posts are labeled "Who: When: Where: Rating: Summary: ", and tagged with the Drifter(s) involved and the status (Open, Closed, Dropped).
- Players are free to create posts describing specific locations, NPCs or other asthetic elements for future reference.
- There will be a Mod post once a week, summarizing the 'Story so far', weather conditions, etc. Players can contribute to this post.


質問 - Questions

Q: How much does my Drifter know about their abilities?
A: As much or as little as you like. They may have no idea, or they may have learned to control them.

Q: What nationality can my Drifter be?
A: In order to have a nice mix, there will be a limit of 3 Japanese Drifters (2 will be the children of the flight stewardesses). The rest are up to you.

Q: Is there a gender limit?
A: Ideally, the Drifters will be 4 women, 4 men, but this is subject to applications.

Any further questions, please comment below.