October 2011



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March 7th, 2011

[info]inter_nubes in [info]attheclose

Who: Terry Boot & Oliver Wood.
What: Terry and Oliver happen to share the privilege of being the sole occupants of the hospital wing. Plottery-special!
When: Wednesday, October 27th 1993
Where: The hospital Wing / Hogwarts.
Rating: Probably low.
Oliver knew the place too well. Madame Pomfrey was quite capable of suddenly jumping out from behind a corner somewhere and force some disgusting potion down his throat. )

[info]all_occasions in [info]attheclose

Who:Alberta Malkin and Lavender Brown
What: fashion show!
When: July 1994
Where: in the park off of Diagon Alley
Rating: Low

Now, if she could only find Amelia... )

[info]mr_curiosity in [info]attheclose

Who: Lavender Brown & Michael Corner.
What: When Michael fails to show up to their study session, Lavender knows exactly where to find him. She catches him doing some unexpected research.
When: March 5th 1998. Saturday afternoon.
Where: The library. Hogwarts.
Rating: TBD.
Note: As we've merely updated the thread before it vanishes into obscurity, the thread opener won't be counted into the word war counts ;)

He worked diligently, soon having seen far too many pictures of pimply, gangly Slytherins - but none of them looked even remotely like he did. )

[info]firstoffour in [info]attheclose

Who: Michelle Campbell and Fleur Delacour
What: Getting fixed up by Madame Pomfrey
When: After the first task of the Triwizard Tournament
Where: Hospital Wing
Rating: Low, I'd guess

Wherein Michelle gets to look at the handsome Hufflepuff champion AND talk to the pretty French one )

[info]dadissues in [info]attheclose

Who: Ambrose Travers and Ernie Macmillan
What: Being pratty (and petty) (and maybe just a little bit pretty)
When: Sunday, March 6
Where: Hallways
Rating: 'C' for cussing, because I'm pretty sure Ambrose is gonna

Though part of him thought he ought to intervene, he wanted to see exactly what was happening and observed first, watching one that he recognized as a Slytherin hexing another with a blue and bronze striped tie. )

[info]modnpc in [info]attheclose

Who: Amycus Carrow, Lavender Brown, Daphne Greengrass
What: The most messed up Detention EVER
When: Monday, 7 March, 1998, evening
Where: DADA Classroom
Rating: Hm. I guess to be on the really safe side I'll say R?

With every reasonable measure exhausted, it was time for Amycus to try his own brand of educating. )