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Bridget McKennitt [userpic]

Zygote by Kass
Summary: John spotted the way in, spun and dove, in a kind of freefall, until the bay doors opened and he could glide right inside.
Rating: Explicit
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: John Rodney
Tags: crack, AU, anthropomorfic

denyce [userpic]
Announcing: Summer of Lorne Fest

Anyone can join, accepting prompts through May 29

You can post your promps here [info]slashing_lorne, or on Slashing_Lorne LJ

Info/rules of the Fest here

Any questions please ask, now go forth prompt let us know what you'd like to read....

New fic: One Good Man by MrsHamill

Jeden Dobrý Člověk
by MrsHamill (

Pairing: Sheppard/McKay (past); Radek/OFC
Rating: G
Spoilers: none
Summary: Na světě nelze najít jemnější a vzdělanější lidi než jsou Češi".
Disclaimer: Please enter standard useless boilerplate disclaimer of all intent to damage here.
Warning: This is a sequel or continuation of my story Speaker for the Dead so let that guide you. This story would make more sense if you've read that one.
Notes: Holy cow, too many to thank here! [info]laitosto and [info]pantherrrrea for massive help with Czech; [info]gblvr for encouragement and help with HTML; [info]facetofcathy for advice I should have figured out before-hand (and [info]mecurtin for reiterating it!); [info]kathgrr and [info]ladyholder for more cheerleading and handholding, [info]runriggers for beta help and Sandgnat for batting clean-up, always a nasty job. I might have left out somebody, if so, apologies. My love to you all, you make me a better writer.
EXTRA NOTE: Hover your mouse over the words in Czech, you'll see an English translation (I hope!).

Story is on my website here.

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sweetmelodykiss [userpic]
Will There Be a Next Time?

Title: Will There Be a Next Time?
Author: [info]sweetmelodykiss
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: Sheppard/Todd
Rating: PG-13
Category: Ficlet
Word Count: 403
Spoilers: Season five, the final episode, missing scene
Summary: John has a decision before him, kill him or kiss him.
Warnings: Wraith/Human encounter
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. No harm is intended.
Beta: Linda
A/N: This is the first thing I've written since the laser surgery on my eyes, and It's also my first ever SGA ficlet. I was drinking wine while writing this, so I'm blaming it all on the alcohol.

Will There Be a Next Time?

Minxie [userpic]
SGA/SG1 FIC: 21 Days ~ John/Cam ~ Adult

Title: 21 Days
Author: [info]florida_minxie
Beta/Pre-reader(s): [info]leela_cat and [info]stageira
Fandom: Pairing: SGA/SG1: Sheppard/Mitchell + passing mention of canon pairings
Rating: Adult
Word Count: ~ 6,000
Highlight for Warnings and Spoiler Information: *D/s dynamics, mild kink, possible spoilers for all of SGA*
Disclaimer: Not mine…I just play with them and make them happier for it. Well, I at least make me happier for it.
Excerpt: Cam knows that for all that John hates to talk, once he gets started, once the first crack in the dam is made, it trickles out of him in fits and spurts until he gets to the real issue and then the floodgates break open.

Agent Fox Mulder [userpic]
Fic: Well, Shit 1/1 Lorne/Ronon

Title: Well, Shit.
Author: Lopaka Tanu
Disclaimer: I do not own StarGate: Atlantis.
Characters: Lorne, Ronon, Parrish, Sheppard, Rodney, Teyla, and Weir.
Words: 5613
Prompt: Lorne is captured by Ronon, Ronon won't let go.
Fandom: StarGate: Atlantis
Pairing: pre-Ronon/Lorne
Rating: Adult
Warnings: Language
Summary: Captured by a caveman, Lorne is realistic about his situation.
Author's Note: Spoilers for Runner.
Read more... )

AzureHart [userpic]
Two Fic Recs

 The Courtship of Colonel Sheppard, or, The One with the X-Wing:  by uraneia

McShep, Crack, NC-17

The one where Rodney builds John an X-Wing.

From the story: 

Evan and the Lornettes were doing a shockingly musical number Rodney thought of as We Have An Automated Ancient Cruiser (La La), complete with macarena-like steps, which was cute but not as well choreographed as his own ZPM Tango.

Galaxy of the Living Dead by Karen McFadyyon

McShep, Crack, PG-13, kind of a death fic (but it's not permanent)

Only one of Karen's fics that I've found still online (possibly because someone else posted this for her).  Wonderfully funny.

From the story:
He was never sure later if he was grateful or horrified when the late Dr. Rodney McKay sat bolt upright on the autopsy table and said, "What the hell? Where are my clothes?"

queenbarwench [userpic]
Fic rec x3, AU, NC-17

I've been off work with evil head-cold of evilness since Thursday. This has conveniently given me time to read through a series of mad epic!fics. I present to you Xanthe's stories General & Dr Sheppard, Coming Home and Hiding in Plain Sight, the last of which is a crossover with NCIS.

I strongly recommend you read the author's notes first; the concept for this AU is cracked (and won't be to everyone's taste) but the stories are still a lot of fun. They follow the romance formula of denial, angst, danger and happy-ever-after which makes them perfect comfort-fic for a cold winter or sick-leave.

I should also warn you that the third fic is seriously colouring my view of NCIS... but kind in a good way ;)

Let me know if you like these stories, and don't forget to leave comments for [info]xanthestories.

paraka [userpic]
Fic Rec (sort of)

So, pretty much everyone who has filled out the poll in my last entry said that they'd be interested in fic recs. Now, of course I invite anyone here to post recs for favourite fics but, to get us started, may I present to you my To-Read List.

Now, a little explanation. The SGA fandom is prolific, really, really prolific, and I find I'm not actually able to keep up and read all the fics that look interesting that appear on my flist. So, in order not to miss anything, I started a To-Read List. Any fic that I came across that looked interesting but that I didn't have time to read just then I would add the link to my list and a little description of what I thought looked interesting about it. As you'll probably be able to tell once you look at the list, quite a few of the little blurbs come from other people, either from the author them self, a person who rec'ed the fic, or else the description posted to a storyfinders comm. Some of them sound pretty wacky, but I love crack fic so there's a lot of that shown on this list.

Also, I read quite a few different pairings, pretty much anything that looks interesing, but I will admit, probably 90% of the 1000+ fic on this list are McShep fics (and there's likely some gen and het thrown in for variety).

Enjoy. :D

Fic, released from 'zine: Who? 1/1

by MrsHamill (

Pairing: Sheppard/McKay
Spoilers: None.
Summary: In a spot of trouble, are you?
Notes: Utter crack-y crossover silliness. John's first words are by Alfred Bester from his brilliant The Stars My Destination (who did, of course, first lift them from James Joyce -- we are nothing if not first plagiarists.). Thanks to Jadesfire for her lovely beta and comments and to Sian for including this idiocy in the 2008 Constrict 'zine.

Clicky for da ficcy

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paraka [userpic]
Admin: Poll Time

Hi Everyone,
So I meant to do this a while back, but well, my RL went a little crazy. Anyways, I wanted to know what it is people want from this group, so to that end, a poll:

Poll #2477 What would you like from this group
Open to: All, results viewable to: All

Please check off all the things you'd like to see (more of) on this group.

View Answers

Fic Recs
10 (83.3%)

Vid Recs
8 (66.7%)

Art Recs
7 (58.3%)

More Rare Pairings
3 (25.0%)

1 (8.3%)

8 (66.7%)

Episode Discussion
6 (50.0%)

Meta Discussion
6 (50.0%)

Other (I'll explain in the comments)
1 (8.3%)

paraka [userpic]

So, I was thinking we could all use a little pick my up after the crushing news from yesterday, so I thought I'd do a picspam.

Warning: Image Heavy )

Just a note, at first I tried to have an equal number of pictures of everyone, but I'm going off pictures I already had on my computer and realized I just didn't have equal amounts of pictures, so you're getting a mixed bag worth.

AzureHart [userpic]

At the suggestion of 

[info]paraka I am posting some information here on who to contact to protest the cancelling of SGA.  Just remember to keep the protests polite so that we're not discounted as a bunch of kooks.

Online Petition





Or by snail mail:

Bonnie Hammer, President
NBC Universal | Scifi Channel
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY. 10112

Mark Stern, Executive VP Original Programming
NBC Universal | Scifi Channel
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY. 10112

David Howe, Executive VP and General Manager
NBC Universal | Scifi Channel
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY. 10112

Charles Cohen, Executive Vice President
MGM Television Entertainment
10250 Constellation Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA. 90067

paraka [userpic]
SGA Cancelled!

Someone just posted this to a yahoo group where I belong.

It says that Season 5 is going to be the last season for SGA!

Is it true! Has anyone else head anything?

Edit: It's true. Joe Mallozzi has confirmed (comment 49) and it's also hit Gateworld.

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paraka [userpic]
Friending Meme

Hi everyone, I'm [info]paraka your new mod! I have a couple ideas on things that we can do to make this place a little more lively and the first one is everyone getting to know each other a little better! So I thought I'd try doing a friending meme.

Just fill out the form below as a comment and then read through what others have posted and start friending away.
Some of the questions can be specific about RL things, if you'd rather not say feel free to skip or say something funny :)




<b>Favorite Characters:</b>

<b>Favorite Ships:</b>

<b>Other Fandoms:</b>

<b>Turtles or whales?:</b>

<b>What's in your journal:</b>

<b>Anything else?</b>

Lilith [userpic]
New Mod

Please join me in welcoming [info]paraka as a new mod for [info]atlantisslash. [info]paraka is a talented vidder -- check out her Big Bang video -- and she's got some great ideas for this community. I'm looking forward to seeing what she's got planned!

Welcome, [info]paraka!

Lilith [userpic]
Modly Announcements

Greetings from your long-absent and thoroughly negligent mod. I have a couple of announcements.

1) An apology and a request )

2) Porn! )

Well, I don't know if I'd call THAT fic...

I said I wouldn't do it... so of course, I did. I just wish I had someone to blame it on. ;-)

What IS it about this fandom that creates so much crack!fic? please to be noting that's not a complaint, not exactly...

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telesilla [userpic]
FIC: Your Whole World Now Is an Open Door (John/Rodney, NC-17)

Your Whole World Now Is an Open Door
Author: [info]telesilla
Pairing: John/Rodney
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 6100
Disclaimer: The SGA characters do not belong to me. Duh.
Summary: John may not know what he needs, but Rodney does.

Notes: A Sweet Charity fic for [info]geeklite, who has been incredibly patient with my slowness on this one. She said: "I like John a little submissive and needy." Hopefully this fits the bill. Many thanks to [info]helens78 for yet another excellent beta.

Although Rodney liked to think of himself as an experienced man of the world, he knew that basically, he was just easy. The real question was: was John?

And the winner is...

Congratulations, [info]temve!!!

Thanks for everyone who read and voted and an especially big thanks to the mods for permitting the spamming.

See you next year!

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