February 2010




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Jul. 26th, 2009


Cooking With Zack: Mrs. Fair's home cooking

(Redactor's note: Here's the fic behind the food: Cooking With Zack, part of Jou's Harrow Children universe. More infrastructure rambling after I've gotten out of the way and let Zack do his thing!)

(ETA, 8/1 - finally got the pictures sorted & imbedded!)

The dishes

Chicken tiki tone

Chicken in a tart-spicy-fragrant tamarind and coconut sauce.

Pumpkin tari

Think five-alarm mouth fire, with pumpkin and chickpeas. :3

Spinach tari

Spinach and squeaky-cheese with an optional citrus twist from artichoke and lime.


Crisp vegetable salad marinaded in mild vinegar and spices.


Skillet-bread flavored as you like it.

Lemon rice

Long grain rice cooked with spices and dressed with lemon juice and flavored sizzling oil.

Beware: 6 recipes, lots of chiles, and lots of cooking below! )

Jun. 5th, 2008


Chief Galen Tyrol's Gemenon Brown Sugar Buns

The Chief's Gemenon Brown Sugar Buns

Mom wasn't much of a baker and neither was dad--for a couple of mystics, they didn't have much faith or patience, at least when it came to watching dough rise. I get it from somewhere, ha. I'm convinced dad sometimes promised he'd make this bread just to make sure I'd go to sleep waiting out the overnight part.

Since most of the sugar these days is going toward the stims and the stills, it's probably not possible to make them the way they're supposed to be done on Gemenon. I'm probably missing some spices or something. If we ever find nutmeg again, that might be one of the missing ones. But I got enough sugar to make a batch of these for Cally and Nicky right after he started eating solid food, and bribed someone for a packet of yeast and an oven. And it turned out okay, even though Cally started crying.

ingredients and procedure )