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Feb. 20th, 2010


Torchwood Mixed Drinks

Ok, so less cocktails and more "interesting ways to hide alcohol in soda". But hey, Tosh isn't really a beer type of gal, and sometimes it's just too early in the day to drink straight from the bottle!

x-posted to the sister site on Dreamwidth.

(Note: Don't skimp on the schnapps. Buy the Dekuyper's. Likewise go for the Sweet Carolina sweet tea vodka.)

Sonic Screwdriver
Like a screwdriver...with even less actual nutritional content! Tastes a bit like an orange-pineapple creamsicle. Nearly three shots, and you can't even taste the alcohol in these. (My personal fave.)
1 can orange soda
2 shots pineapple schnapps
1/2 shot vanilla vodka

Kinda weird. Kinda green. Still perfectly capable of landing you on your ass.
1 can Sprite-like soda
1.5 shots pear schnapps
1.5 shots pineapple schnapps

Sweet tea with a hint of fruity bite. The Doctor would approve, even though he's fairly sure that that vodka never so much as SAW actual tea....
1 can Sprite-like soda
1 shot sweet tea vodka
1.5 shots pineapple schnapps

The Rift:
Seriously, go easy on the peppermint in this, or it takes over. Much like the Rift itself! Bubbly, light, effervescent, and brimming with chaos!
1 can ginger ale
1 shot sweet tea vodka
1 shot pineapple schnapps
1/4 shot peppermint schnapps

Jul. 26th, 2009


Cooking With Zack: Mrs. Fair's home cooking

(Redactor's note: Here's the fic behind the food: Cooking With Zack, part of Jou's Harrow Children universe. More infrastructure rambling after I've gotten out of the way and let Zack do his thing!)

(ETA, 8/1 - finally got the pictures sorted & imbedded!)

The dishes

Chicken tiki tone

Chicken in a tart-spicy-fragrant tamarind and coconut sauce.

Pumpkin tari

Think five-alarm mouth fire, with pumpkin and chickpeas. :3

Spinach tari

Spinach and squeaky-cheese with an optional citrus twist from artichoke and lime.


Crisp vegetable salad marinaded in mild vinegar and spices.


Skillet-bread flavored as you like it.

Lemon rice

Long grain rice cooked with spices and dressed with lemon juice and flavored sizzling oil.

Beware: 6 recipes, lots of chiles, and lots of cooking below! )

Jun. 14th, 2009


Winry's Thirty-Second Automail Cleaner --er um I mean -- Hot Chocolate Fondue

For the days when everybody around her seems to have forgotten she's a girl underneath the overalls and the automail grease -- right along with how they've forgotten that automail isn't meant to be used as a sledgehammer, a battering ram, a train emergency brake system, or any of the other dozens of gear-shearing bad ideas that have been thoroughly tested out by assorted stubborn blonde idiots over the years...

Winry's Thirty Second Busted Up Automail Gunk Cleaner Hot Chocolate Fondue
Ready in 30 seconds for emergency use. )

Yes, it's been one of those months...

Jun. 3rd, 2009


Aeris' Heavenly Truffle Brownies

Hi! I discovered this through chibiritsuchan's journal. These divine brownies are delicious, and I feel that Aeris would love them. And since Aeris is Certa, of course there can be Lifestream cooking. Right?

Who says there's not cooking in heaven? )

Adapted from “Martha Stewart’s Cookies”

May. 26th, 2009


Three takes on not-just-peanut-butter sandwiches

Genesis' Hot Fudge Sundae Sandwich, Sephiroth's Zen Remix, and Angeal's Surrender to Abject-Harassment-um-that-is-Encouragement. )

Apr. 13th, 2009


Chocolate-Covered Cloud

Greetings, all!

I was directed here by [info]chibirisuchan on account of a dessert I felt the need to make after reading this fic by [info]bloodparade over on LJ. It put the idea of a chocolate-covered Cloud firmly in my head. This particular combination is not readily apparent on the internet, but it stands to reason it might exist already somewhere. Nevertheless, here's my tribute to FFVII's fandom bicycle. :p

Chocolate-Covered Cloud )

So there's my not-quite-first fandom dessert. I made a Sephiroth gingerbread man three Christmases ago but he didn't last long. >_> Nice to be here with you all and I look forward to cooking and tasting whichever lithe bishy recipe you all offer up! XD

Apr. 5th, 2009


Locke's Sausage-Stuffed Mushrooms

These aren't great for making on the road, but when you're actually home and have access to your own kitchen, they're a very filling meal. Great for company, too.

Locke's Sausage-Stuffed Mushrooms )

Jan. 17th, 2009


Yohji's noodles

Sometimes I wonder: do I keep coming back for him, or for the food?

Watching him in the kitchen, tossing ingredients together seemingly at random with an almost bored expression… I have to think that either he’s done this so many times it’s become second nature – or he’s winging it.

Yohji’s a little more awake than I am, probably thanks to a cup of coffee that’s now perched on the edge of the counter next to him. Either that or the cigarette, dangling from his lip; either way, he still looks half asleep. His pants ride so low on his hips one good tug or a vague misstep could send them to the floor.

And what am I fantasizing about?


“What’s so funny?” he asks, the words bent around his cigarette.

“Skewed priorities.”




Jan. 16th, 2009


Mod Post <3

Hi, everybody! The comm has really taken off, and I'm kind of thrilled at how much sheer awesome we've got here. In the interests of being able to find recipes later, and also so we don't end up with four different ways of referring to the seventh final fantasy game, I've finally gotten the tags organized. :Db

I'd like the posts to contain three things: the course, the characters, and the fandom. Previous posts should be all tagged appropriately, but here's how I'm formatting it:

course: desserts
fandom: full name of fandom without abbreviations (ie. final fantasy xii instead of ff10)
character: full name of the character as I know it (ie. amane misa, argilla)

Setting it up with the tag-type, it should be pretty easy to scan the tags list and see whether the character, fandom, or course you want already has a tag, so please check. And as always, if you forget an element or to add tags altogether, I'll check in from time to time and add them in. <3

Thanks again, everyone, for all your awesome contributions to the community. Let's keep it going!


Hetalia: America and England cookies.


Hetalia Cookie Recipes Edition one: America and England

England’s Shortbread Biscuits

a little less than forty percent butter )

America’s Kitchen Sink Clusterfucks

as long as you've got four or five cups of STUFF )


Jan. 6th, 2009


Angeal's apple puff pancake

"What are you doing?" Genesis asked, sniffing cautiously at the air. Though not unpleasant -- far from it, actually -- it was still a little disconcerting to come home and find his apartment smelling like a bakery.

Angeal smiled and checked something in the oven, then turned his attention to the stovetop. "You've got a decent kitchen, it's a shame it never gets any use."

"I," Genesis stated with distinct emphasis while stripping off his coat, "don't cook. I didn't think you did, either..." He trailed off, remembering a chunky young boy helping his mom in the kitchen.

As if reading his mind, Angeal said, "My mother taught me how to feed myself. It's a useful thing to know."

Genesis tossed his coat over a chair, then feigned disinterest as he strode casually into the kitchen. "So...what are you making, then?"

Angeal grinned and opened the oven to remove...a thing. A big, poofy, breadlike thing that smelled and rather looked like a giant popover. He set it on the counter, where it began to gracefully deflate, leaving a high ridge of crust around the edges.

Then he took the lid off the skillet on the stovetop.

The scent of apples and butter and cinnamon nearly dropped Genesis to his knees. "Goddess! Those are --"

Angeal leaned in until their noses almost touched. "Banora white," he whispered across the other man's lips.

"Those are hideously expensive to import," Genesis murmured, draping his arms over Angeal's broad shoulders.

"You're worth it."

ETA - recipe adapted from "Land O' Lakes Treasury of Country Heritage Meals & Menus."

Dec. 12th, 2008


Recipe: Jean Havoc's "Why Can't I Get A Date?" Triple-Garlic Pasta

Jean Havoc's "Why Can't I Get A Date?" Triple-Garlic Pasta

First things first: Jean isn't so dumb that he doesn't realize that eating this before taking a woman out on the town is A Bad Idea. The name came up like this: he made it one time for Breda, who took one whiff (and one bite) and said, "Fuck, man, you eat like this and you wonder why you can't pick up chicks?" And the name stuck. It's one of his favorite things to serve to friends precisely because it gives you unholy dragonbreath. If you all reek of garlic, none of you are likely to be offended by the others.

The genesis of the dish is this: Jean grew up on a farm, with a farm's rotation of chores. Mrs. Havoc declared early in her marriage that, just because she'd borne four sons and no daughters, she was not going to do all the cooking, laundering, mending, canning, and so on -- 'women's tasks' or otherwise. So cooking dinner for the family (and the hired help, and the cousins visiting to help get the apple harvest in, and Uncle Samuel who's here about loaning his bull for stud, and...) made it onto the chore rotation... and young Jean Havoc discovered two things: one, he was pretty good at it -- and two, putting increasing amounts of pungent ingredients in a food is a great way to establish your machismo with your two older brothers and many older cousins.

Epic Flaming Death Stew met its demise at the say-so of his older relatives, but Triple-Garlic Pasta was a surprise hit -- despite calling for more than one head of garlic per person -- and, because it required few and cheap ingredients and not much prep time, it stayed in his repertoire for years after he finally left the farm to join the army. And (lingering machismo here) he has made a point to serve it to all of his co-workers at one time or another, to see how they handle the garlic overload. Mustang privately thinks the dish is misnamed; indeed, with the right kind of girl, Jean could do quite well by serving it to her.

(This is not a garlic dish for the faint-hearted. This is a garlic dish for people who love garlic with an unholy fire; it's kin to those 'Chicken and 40 Garlic' dishes where garlic overload is the whole point. Be warned!)

Jean Havoc's Triple-Garlic Pasta )

Nov. 19th, 2008


General Celes Chere’s Asparagus Pasta

Cooking is an inexact science at best, for each person’s tastes differ. The following recipe has met with some favour among this misfit fighting unit, though Sabin complains that there is no meat to it.

The following is scaled for two people, yet may easily be expanded to feed more, though it is an inefficient meal to attempt to feed to a platoon.

1 lb. fresh asparagus (fresh asparagus is imperative; the dish will fail if made with frozen. You should endeavour to obtain young asparagus, no more than half the width of your pinky finger at most.)
1/4 tsp. lemon pepper
1/4 tsp. seasoned salt
1/4 tsp. garlic powder
2 tbsp. butter
3-4 oz. pasta, uncooked
Grated Parmesan cheese

(Do not permit overly helpful thieves--ahem, treasure hunters--assist in the preparation of this meal, as they are generally more interested in attempting to distract the cook.)

Salt the water for the pasta and set it to boil. While that is heating, break off the coarse ends of the asparagus, and cut it into approximately 1.5-inch pieces.

When the pasta water has boiled, add the pasta and cook according to its directions. I prefer to use spaghetti, but Edgar claims linguine is the only appropriate accompaniment. Regardless of your choice, prepare it as the package instructs.

While the pasta is cooking, melt the butter in a large skillet and add the asparagus and spices. Cook over medium-high heat, stirring occasionally, until the asparagus is tender-crisp but still bright green. (For asparagus as described above, this takes four minutes.)

Drain the pasta and divide onto the dishes it will be served on. I myself use bowls, as it makes it easier to perform the next step.

Divide the asparagus onto the dishes, and toss with the pasta. Top with Parmesan cheese according to your desires. Locke prefers his so doused that one can barely glimpse the green of the asparagus, while Edgar eschews cheese entirely. I myself am somewhere between.

Encourage the treasure hunter to take KP, as punishment for his interference earlier.

Oct. 13th, 2008


NANO Original World Recipes

It's getting on about that time, isn't it? Well, how 'bout this, all you enterprising authors out there currently feverishly plotting out the money systems or religions of your November home-away-from-home--and next month, to authors who are stuck or bored or just not spending enough time thinking about their world yet--lets post recipes for things that people in our novels would eat.

Holy roasted testicles?
Jasmine scented cookies from the Inner Courts?
Peasant stew like your MC's mom makes?

Bring it on.

Sep. 30th, 2008


Persona 3 Ficbit and Recipe

Title: Take Five, Sempai
Characters: Junpei, Akihiko
Length: short
Warnings: October spoilers for the fic, super-addictive peanut-butter-and-banana concoction in recipe.

Ficbit and Recipe Here

Sep. 1st, 2008


FF7 Materia Ice

materia ice )

Aug. 10th, 2008


Avatar Cupcakes: Yip-Yips!

Appa-inspired cupcakes!


Jul. 31st, 2008


Avatar: Prince Zuko Cookies!

Recipe here!

Jul. 27th, 2008


Watari's Potential Biohazard Leftover Plum-Cake-Pudding

As recounted by Watari...

Cake recovery twelve-step program )

Jun. 22nd, 2008


Shinjiro's "Just Because Oranges Are Your Favorite Doesn't Mean I Like You" Agent Orange Cupcakes

Recipe is mostly worksafe-ish. Accompanying fic isn't, really.

Agent Orange Cupcakes )

Frosting )

Candied Orange Peel )

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