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14th Sep, 2009


Owl to Fenrir Greyback (warning for blood and really fucked up shit) )

2nd Sep, 2009


Bella/Al placeholder

29th Aug, 2009


Placeholder for Bella/Dolph/Al

24th Aug, 2009


Bella/Walden placeholder. Because we're evil.


(Monday 24 August) Ben/Bella/Walden Placeholder, in which they kidnap Dorcas's brothers and nail them to trees somewhere.

19th Aug, 2009


Who: Alecto Carrow & Bellatrix Lestrange
When: Wednesday, 19 August, 1980; 2 pm
Where: Lestrange Manor
What: Another Lesson
Rating: TBD
Status: Thread, in progress

She assumed that Bellatrix planned a cruciatus session for her. )

1st Aug, 2009


WHO: All those invited
WHAT: Augustus and Rosalind's wedding
WHEN: Saturday, 1st August 1980, beginning at 2pm
WHERE: Jugson Estate, Derbyshire

Warning, Image Heavy )


Who: Death Eaters
When: Saturday morning, 8am
Where: Lestrange Manor
What: Duelling practice
Rating: Language and violence, I'm guessing
Status: IC/OOC log

Bellatrix does not care about your petty social engagements )

22nd Jul, 2009


Madeline's Bridal Shower

Who: Invited Society Ladies
What: A Bridal Shower for Madeline Mulciber
Where: Yaxley Manor, Whitehaven
When: 22 July, 1980- 2 PM
Status: OOC Log

Let all thy joys be as the month of May, and all thy days be as marriage Day. Let sorrow, sickness and a troubled mind be stranger to thee. )

21st Jul, 2009


Flurry of Owls!

Owls to Orsino & Lavinia Avery, Regulus Black & Guest, Amelia Bones & Guest, Alecto Carrow & Guest, Simon Gibbon & Guest, Beatrice Greengrass & Guest, Henry & Alexandra Greengrass, Rosalind Jugson, Rabastan Lestrange, Rodolphus & Bellatrix Lestrange, Walden Macnair & Guest, Abraxas & Priscilla Malfoy, Lucius & Narcissa Malfoy, Andrew Mulciber & Guest, Roman & Ophelia Mulciber, Geoffrey Nott & Guest, Bryant & Davina Parkinson, Augustus Rookwood, Florence Rosier, Thorfinn Rowle & Guest, Severus Snape & Guest, Isobel Vullen, Daniel Wilkes & Guest, Leoben & Evangeline Yaxley )

10th Jul, 2009


Who Remus, Sirius and Bellatrix
What Remus meets with Sirius to try to get through to him but Sirius doesn't come alone.
Where Out
When Thursday night
Rating Uh, likely high?
Status In progress

Remus was feeling a bit nervous and had his wand already in his hand. )

5th Jul, 2009


05 July 1980

Who: Bellatrix, Edgar and Sirius (+ the Order ward-breakers OOC-ly)
When: Sunday night, 8pm
Where: A moor outside Devon
What: Ed attempts to rescue Sirius!
Rating: R for some screwed up stuff
Status: Completed log (+ OOC/IC log open to ward-breaks + Cally; please see note on aftermath & etcetera at the bottom of the log!)

Holy hell bent whoops. )


Owls to Alexandra Greengrass, Beatrice Greengrass, Josephine Greengrass, Rosalind Jugson, Bellatrix Lestrange, Narcissa Malfoy, Madeline Mulciber, Davina Parkinson, Florence Roiser, and any other Society Ladies that join later )

3rd Jul, 2009


Who: Bellatrix and Sirius
When: Friday morning
Where: Easington, County Durham
What: Muggle hunting
Rating: R for graphic violence and mild sexual innuendo (don't ask)
Status: Completed log

And so today, Muggle hunting )

1st Jul, 2009


Wednesday, 01 July 1980

Owls sent by Mr and Mrs Christopher Jugson to:

Mr and Mrs Orsino Avery
Mr and Mrs Antonin Dolohov
Mr and Mrs Festus Lestrange
Mr and Mrs Rodolphus Lestrange
Mr Rabastan Lestrange and guest
Mr and Mrs Abraxas Malfoy
Mr and Mrs Lucius Malfoy
Mr and Mrs Roman Mulciber
Mr Geoffrey Nott and guest
Mr and Mrs Oren Rosier
And various unplayed Jugson aunts, uncles and cousins

Wedding invitation )

29th Jun, 2009


WHO Bella and Cissa.
WHAT The sisters have a fight, and it is not pretty.
WHERE Malfoy Manor somewhere.
WHEN Monday evening after Bella spends some time in Sirius' head.
RATING PG13, mature subject matter but nothing too bad.

We are going to have a discussion about just what it means to be loyal to this cause. )


Who: Bellatrix and Sirius
What: Fighting, again
When: Sunday afternoon, 4pm
Where: Their special playground outside Thetford
Rating: Oh, high. Language and violence.
Status: Completed log

Let me go or I will kill you )

24th Jun, 2009


24 June 1980

Who: Bellatrix and The Dark Lord
What: Punishment for Narcissa being kidnapped
When: Wednesday evening, 24 June
Where: The Batcave Voldemort's lair (?)
Rating: R
Status: Completed log!

I will consider it. And I will speak to Lucius. Perhaps between you both you might devise a way to keep your sister quiet. )


Evil Owl Post

Owl to Bellatrix Lestrange )

23rd Jun, 2009


Owl to Fenrir Greyback )

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