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1st Oct, 2009


The Quibbler
October 1980

Wizards, Lock Up Your Daughters!

The Daily Prophet announced earlier this month that society lady Florence Rosier would be marrying Rabastan Lestrange, brother to boggart Minister Lestrange. The staff at The Quibbler has uncovered the frightening truth: both Lestrange men are boggarts, and they seek to breed! The number of weddings this month suggest that boggarts are spreading throughout the wizarding community. Such possible boggart/witch couples include Rookwood/Jugson, Malfoy/Black, Avery/Mulciber, Prewett/Catchlove, and Wilkes/Carrow. Further investigation is required. (continued on page 3)

Table of Contents )

30th Sep, 2009


Placeholder for Dung/Moody moving Dung's momma

28th Sep, 2009


Who: Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy
What: Relief after near heart attack inducing worry.
When: Evening, September 28, 1980
Where: Their bedroom, Malfoy Manor
Rating: TBA
Status: incomplete thread

'Well, this has certainly been a thrilling day'... )

27th Sep, 2009


27 September 1980

Owl to Albus Dumbledore, backdated to 26 September )

Owl to Minerva McGonagall--sent after Ed's letter to Dumbledore was returned unopened late this afternoon )


Owl To Mr Al Beanbag Man )

Owl To Mr Frank Longbottom, Sir )

Owl to Sirius Black )


placeholder for sev narrative. backdated to 2 september. no idea when it'll be filled though, sorry.

26th Sep, 2009


Warning: Image heavy.
Owl to Edgar Bones )
Owl to the Order, c/o Edgar Bones )
Owl to Sirius Black )
Owl to Fabian Prewett )
Owl to Gideon Prewett )
Owl to Greta Catchlove )
Owl to Dedalus Diggle )
Owl to Frank Longbottom )
Owl to Al Gumboil )


Owl for Frank, Alice, and Neville Longbottom. And that nice man who was on their beanbag )

Package for Sirius Black. )

25th Sep, 2009



Owl to Sirius Black )


Who: Dig, open to Veronica and any Order members who might come to his house.
What: Mourning.
When: After he got his owled piece of Dorcas.
Where: His house.
Rating: PG?
Status: Completed-ish, but open for interactions.

A parcel of innards. )

26th Sep, 2009


Owl to Edgar Bones )
Owl to Frank Longbottom )
Owl to Gideon Prewett )
Owl to Alastor Gumboil )
Owl to Octavius Pepper )
Owl to Dedalus Diggle )
Owl to Sirius Black )
Owl to Emmeline Vance )
Greta Catchlove )


Who: Frank Longbottom and Alastor Gumboil
When: 25 September, 1980; late.
Where: Longbottom Residence
What: Breaking the news.
Rating: Moar sad.
Status: Completed log.

I can't feel you anymore, the sunshine trapped in our hearts, it could rise again; but I'm lost, crushed, cold and confused with no guiding light left inside. )

25th Sep, 2009


Who: Frank Longbottom.
When: 25 September 1980; evening.
Where: Longbottom Cottage.
What: Frank is done listening.
Rating: VS for VERY SAD.
Status: Completed narrative.

The ships have come, to carry you home. )


Who: Dorcas Meadowes and Leoben Yaxley
When: Friday, 25 September 1980; night
Where: Ben's stables.
What: :(
Rating: R for violence.
Status: Completed log

let's start over again. why can't we start it over again? just let us start it over again and we'll be good. this time we'll get it... we'll get it right. it's our last chance to forgive ourselves )


Who: Alecto Carrow & Daniel Wilkes
When: Friday night
Where: Fancy restaurant in London
What: Danny asked Ally out on a date. Yes, a real date!
Rating: PG-13
Status: Completed log

Fancy meeting you here. )


Owl to Mrs Evangeline Yaxley )

24th Sep, 2009


Who: Dorcas Meadowes and Leoben Yaxley
When: Thursday, 24 September 1980; night
Where: Ben's stables
What: Brain washing.
Rating: Sad and more sad.
Status: Completed log

all of history deleted with one stroke )

23rd Sep, 2009


Owl to Florence Rosier )


Who: Dorcas Meadowes, Leoben Yaxley and Walden Macnair
When: Wednesday, 23 September 1980; night
Where: Ben's stables
What: Interrogation and Betrayal
Rating: Sadness and violence
Status: Completed log

so we carry every sadness with us, every hour our hearts were broken. every night the fear and darkness lay down with us )

22nd Sep, 2009


22 September 1980

Who: Edgar Bones.
What: ...
When: Following this.
Where: Ed and Cally's new place in Brighton.
Rating: PG-13.
Status: Completed narrative.

He hugged his legs tightly to his chest, shaking, breathing heavily into the denim fabric of his trousers, his eyes red and bloodshot as tears continued to stream down his cheeks. )

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