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Nov. 30th, 2009


Skewl Sux

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to keep people updated. This semester is finally almost over in a couple of weeks so I will have more time to interact on here. I had an idea for a fluffy thread that I already ran by some people so I'll have that up soon for shits n' giggles. Also, some already know, but I've changed Joe's PB to Josh Charles in case people didn't recognize him. If you want to tag either Joe or Bobby, go ahead and I will reply as soon as I can. Thanks.


Nov. 17th, 2009


It's just a jump to the left...

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Nov. 12th, 2009


Part 3: List of Completed Threads (Dec 2010-Mar 2011)

Part 3: List of Completed Threads )


Part 2: List of Completed Threads (Sept-Dec 2009)

Part 2: List of Completed Threads )

Nov. 10th, 2009



Time jump? I'd prefer a year. Heh. Fresh start...



Oct. 28th, 2009



Leigh and I would like to say: "TAG!" Activity check, hookers. :P That last part was mostly me. I can't back up that Leigh would call anyone a hooker. XD Heh. Anyway, just wanted to make sure who we're still "rollin' wit". So comment back when you have time. Gonna wrap this one up after Friday so we can start with a clean slate on the weekend. Peace.

-Beck (and Leigh)

Oct. 25th, 2009



Hey guys. Lots of stuff to mention.

First of all, Leigh and I have spent the evening updating pages and pages of stuff. The one that would effect most of us is here: relationships page. There are lots of changes, so read over it carefully. Lol. The threads archive, the taken page, the contacts page and the holds page have all been updated, as well as outlying pages such as 'original character mutations' and 'class/staff list'.

Secondly, Dan has finally picked up Iceman and you can check him out here: [info]mister_frosty.

Thirdly, we've lost Amanda and her six characters due to inactivity. So the following pups are up for sale: Cannonball, Chamber, Deadpool, Pyro, Shinobi Shaw.

Fourthly, Jordan has decided to pick Lorna (Polaris) back up and put Dani (Mirage) on hiatus for the time being until she has more time to alter her.


-Beck (and Leigh)

Oct. 23rd, 2009


For the record, we now have a HELLFIRE CLUB page.

I had an idea the other day and I wanted to know if anyone else was interested: Now that the X-Men have been outed, I thought that a publicly announced private party thrown by Shaw to thank the X-Men would be in order. All of them would be invited, not just the ones who had gone on the mission to his estate. Something of a publicity stunt - mostly because he's involved with the government/sentinels scheme. Lol. But yeah. The party would be in early December and could be a topic of discussion for those who aren't ... having babies. Lol. After that, we'd do the big time jump. The Stryker mission to Alkali Lake is going to be summarized in a big OOC, so lemme know if you'd want your characters involved in that, as well.

- If anyone likes the idea of an HFC/X-Men party, it's doable.
- Also, if anyone wants their pups involved in the Hellfire Club, there are open spots for those who would be selected as members.
- Stryker mission - in or out?

Oct. 21st, 2009



Hey guys. Due to some members being MIA, we decided to summarize the attack threads and move on. We wanted to get past all this asap, but things were being draggy. So here are links to the summaries.

Manhattan (Wolverine's team)
Shaw's Party (Bishop's team)
Boston Shipyard (Diamond's team)
The Mansion (the aftermath)

In other news: IRON MAN!

After all the attacks, Tony Stark will be coming to the mansion to tell the X-Men where Stryker is located and that he'll help them if they need it. On the news, there were loads of reports and speculations about the footage of the X-Men who fought the sentinels. Xavier will come to the decision (after consulting the team) to out the X-Men as superheroes; working for the benefit of humanity (homo sapiens and homo superiors alike). Those who wish to remain unidentified/unregistered will not be forced to out themselves. For those who are fine with the spotlight: Get ready to be celebrities! Tony can relate (as well as the Fantastic Four?). We will play through December (in character) and most likely summarize the rescue of those who had been taken by Stryker and held at Alkali Lake. Several of the X-Ladies are with child, and those facts will all come to surface following the mandatory physicals post-Stryker (so in the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of November, 2009).

Oct. 20th, 2009


hey guys. Sar here again.

Just leaving a note to say I'm going to need a hiatus for awhile. there's a lot of shit going on at home right now, and being online just isn't an option for me right now. hopefully they straighten themselves out within a day or two, but just in case they don't, I want to have myself covered. I love it here, and I don't want to be given das boot.

don't forget about me!

♥ Sar
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Oct. 13th, 2009


Work work work.

Hello lieblings. Just a few notes:

- We lost Kait/Iceman due to inactivity. So, Bobby's available. Also, please reuse the flister.

- We need to move things along in the attack threads (ie; get kidnapped if you're supposed to, escape if you're supposed to, get injured if you're supposed to). So, get'r'dun. Don't draw things out; there's a lot more stuff to get accomplished outside of these threads. XD

- I wanted to talk about time jumps and see how everyone felt. After these attacks, there will be a mission to rescue those who were kidnapped and to defeat Stryker. Beyond that, there isn't much planned aside "our take" on what happened in the films, and the aftermath of all of the Stryker / X / sentinels / etc. So, being that there are going to be some pregnancies at the mansion, I wondered if we wanted to take a 6 month time jump after December in the game, or even a year? Things could be backdated, of course. We haven't done a jump that big before, it'd put everyone with a clean slate and make us do something thinking. Let us know what you think.

Beck & Leigh

Oct. 12th, 2009



Hey! I'll be posting in the attack thread soon, I haven't been paying attention and it got going so fast! lol I have a few days off work after today so I'll have some time.


Oct. 8th, 2009


Vroom vroom party starter.

Okay, so. I've updated the relationships list. Celebrities die in threes, babies come in ... multiples. There are going to be several pregnancies in the game, and we wanted to make mention that anyone else (in a position to do so) is welcome to join the baby boom. Lol... Yeah. It sounds chaotic, but after talking it out, there were several ladies who had been wanting to have children, and the game has been running for 7 months now. We thought they could offer each other support.

On a sadder note, we've lost Cross (Havok) and Laea (Wicked) to inactivity. Please be active and interactive, you guys. Please.

Also, not many people have expressed interest in the second Stryker attack. I might as well give some shout outs and ask for comments here so we can all be on the same page. If someone wishes to NOT write all of this out (sentinels, Stryker, kidnappings, etc), please let us know. But for now, can Kait, Amanda, Dan and Carley comment on this entry with questions, opinions, etc. We'd like to get those threads underway, but I don't want to rush anyone or involve anyone who doesn't want to write that stuff. So please comment here and we can all see what each other is thinking. XD For the record, the OOC pertaining to these attacks is here.

-Beck (and Leigh)

Oct. 6th, 2009


Part 1: List of Completed Threads (May-Aug 2009)

Part 1: List of Completed Threads )

Oct. 1st, 2009


Plot outline, please read.

On Friday, November 20th, 2009 (in-game), several simultaneous attacks by sentinels will occur in the New York area. During this evening, the X-Men will be separated into several teams to help control the damage and (hopefully) take out the sentinels. This is when Stryker will return to the mansion to finish what he started. He will succeed. After the attacks, there will have been news coverage where X-Men were capture on film. The decision to out them as a superhero team (by Xavier) will be up for debate. Those who would wish to remain out of the spotlight could so choose.

At any rate, we'll have four groups. Three groups will be fighting sentinels and one group will be defending the mansion. If you don't want your character(s) involved at all, you can say they're out of town. From November 16th (evening) to November 21st (morning), Mars, Zap, Brogan and Kiona will not be at the mansion.

So I need to hear from all of you if you wish for your characters to be out fighting sentinels or in fighting MRDs/Stryker. Super-powerful mutants or those with great control shouldn't be left at the school. We need for the Professor to get kidnapped. Please let us know what you think and where you'd like your characters to be!


who's fighting what



A lot of these choices were made based on comments here. Feel free to request changes/alterations.

Sep. 30th, 2009


Hey Kids,

Just wanted to make people aware of some changes and updates. As Beck mentioned below, I dropped Cyclops (sorry Leigh for bailing) and will be replacing him with another cannon. I'm still sort of undecided so if you have any suggestions for me ("You'd play a great..."), please let me know. As for my OC Rory/Pulse he will be going back to Josiah/Recon. The PB will stay the same and the history, but he will be more like the old 'Joe'. Furthermore, if you have any ideas/suggestions for him, please comment. Thanks.


Sep. 29th, 2009



Most information has been updated to reflect the following changes (including the relationships page, the taken page, the holds page, and so on).

♦ Carley has decided to pick up Mercury as her canon ([info]mercurialcess). Look for an intro from Carley soon.
♦ Dan has dropped Cyclops and plans to pick up Quicksilver.
♦ Jordan has dropped Lorna and plans to change Mirage's played by to Jana Mashonee.
♦ I've decided to pick up Pulse, a rarely-seen canon. I changed him quite a bit, because he kinda sucked, but there was potential. His journal is [info]pulses, his profile is here and his wanted scenes are here. Lemme know if you'd like to interact with him / be on his relationships section.


Hi, I'm back, had a lot come up and I'm really sorry for any inconvenience it caused anyone. For those that have come in while I was away. I'm Laea, this is Wicked and her wanted lines can be found here. I'm available on aim at whimsikit on ymail at whimsikit or through journal pm. ♥
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Sep. 26th, 2009



The roommates/relationships page has been updated hardcore.

In other news, we've lost Wicked. Laea was removed due to inactivity. Laea will continue to play Wicked. However, we've lost Joan. She felt it wasn't fair to hold Banshee when real life was preventing her from posting. Good news, though, she might return once all of her family (wedding) business flies over. So, good luck to Joan. :)

If you do not have time to play in this game, it isn't fair to occupy a character that people could otherwise be enjoying.

Thirdlyish, Jordan has changed her PB for [info]levity_ from Fanny Valette to Natalie Portman. ... I can't say my inner-Remy isn't intrigued... XD

Sep. 21st, 2009


Good news, weird news, news news.

First and foremost - new character. I've decided to pick up Bishop ([info]big_guns). He will totally have wanted scenes by the time you read this. Until then, his profile is 99.99% functional. There are gaps in his relationship section, as well as people listed there who might not be savvy with it, so let me know if you have any thoughts either way.

Secondly, Leigh has decided to drop Mystique. She's now an NPC and will be for-ev-ar. I've decided to drop Dazzler (in exchange for Bishop) and she is now up for grabs.

Click the cut for information about a recently-removed member.

Third and finally. )

P.S. / EDIT - I've decided to summarize Magneto's recovery from his plastic prison by the X-Men instead of playing it out immediately. I imagine Diamond being involved for sure, and possibly a slew of stealthy types (Gambit? Kitty? Nightcrawler? etc). So, if you'd like for one or more of your characters to be involved his with rescue, let me know. For details, click the second cut for this goofy-ass entry.


Thanks folks,

Beck & Leigh

Sep. 20th, 2009


O hai

Hey guys. This is Jordan. I just wanted to give a heads up that I'll be taking Beast on, because we all know we need a Hank. He's got a shiny new backdate here. Had to give him a test run. I hope he's okay. :D

I will add him to my wanted scenes soon. Here are his wanted scenes. If anyone has any ideas/thoughts, let me know.


Sep. 18th, 2009



Quick announcement. Crane's profile has been tweaked here and there so that his focus is more on the X-Men and less on his personal career. Also, Becky and I have decided to retcon out Kurt/Storm's few months of dating 'over the summer' so that she and Crane could be married. They wed in 2005. The changes are reflected in their profiles.



Jordan (and Becky)

P.S. Feel free to question or comment.

Sep. 16th, 2009


Activity Check

Hey folks. I just wanted to let everyone know that A) the Halloween Party thread is going awesome (despite a few missing guests) and we've hit the 100 comments mark. Whee!

Also, this is an activity check. If you've posted within the last 48 hours, feel free to ignore this entry. If you haven't, well, please tag in. I just want to know who we still have and so on. We'll start editing the lists accordingly after Monday.

Finally, how soon after this party should the second attack be? (Sentinels @ 3 locations, kidnappings, etc.)

Sep. 8th, 2009


Halloween thread > me.

I just wanted to let everyone know that the Halloween party thread is up and that after I posted a few carpools, I realized that they have a Hummer limo or two. So if anyone would like to say that groups arrived in 10-12 in one of the two Hummers, feel free. Deedeedee.

Also, labeling who's in the threadlets might help people figure out where certain characters are, and to follow their story lines. So try to keep things labeled. If your character jumps into a scenario, slap their name in the label along with the others that would come after the "Re:". So, nothing too difficult. Also, as you bring in characters, try to tag them for the entry. I didn't want to list everyone then remove people that didn't want to show. I figured we could add people as they arrived. XD


Song List / Requests )
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Sep. 6th, 2009


Made some improved/updated versions of the maps. Just so we know what's going on in places.

Sub-basement #1.
Forge's Workshop.
Mars' Workshop.

Also, I think it's been decided that students under 18 will be celebrating Halloween at the mansion (in and outdoors) and everyone over 18 (who so chooses) is welcome to come to Los Dos Amigos and rock out in-costume. Whoot!

Leigh and I decided that thread will be going up within the week, so lock in your Halloween costume choices. XD

Sep. 5th, 2009


n' stuff

Hey Guys,

Two things I wanted to cover. First and foremost, I will be out of town until Monday (Labor Day) evening and will have no access to any computer until then.

Second, as I mentioned in my intro I'm new at playing Scott and don't feel very confident with him until I get a feel for his character. The same goes for my OC since he's a little different than my previous one. That being said, don't look for me to be the initiator for them as much as I'd like to during this first month or so, please feel free to tag them and I will then take initiative and reply as soon as I can. Thanks.


Sep. 2nd, 2009



Midgets, lots of dem. )

Aug. 31st, 2009


Updates, general chaos...

Foremost, we have some character/player changes.

Rob has created an OC counselor for everyone to vent to. The OOC addressing this character is here and his journal is [info]mr_feelgood.

Leigh has a new OC as well, who communicates/shares abilities with animals. The OOC pertaining to Vivien/Pride is here and her journal is [info]pride_.

Min is no longer with us, and I've chosen to pick up Emma. Husk is now free, however, and has been added to the holds page. My Emma is a bit different, but still very much canon (Min borrowed a great portion of my bio for her Emma, so there aren't too many differences). New Diamond journal is [info]whitediamonds.

Rob, Leigh and I have all updated our wanted scenes to reflect our new additions.

Joan and I have been discussing the possibility of Siryn (age 5) coming into Sean's custody. She would have been the daughter of Black Tom, and gone to Sean after Tom's death. This transition would be played out in game, I assume. So, if anyone has any thoughts/ideas/comments, feel free. She's added to the 'taken' page and has icons under [info]genesis_npcs. If anyone would like the password for that journal, I'll gladly IM or e-mail it to you.

The activity check / character summaries are nearly all up. So if you didn't do one, at least read over the monster. Lol. Here is that thread.

Finally, it's come to my attention that rapid-fire attacks/chaos would be a little trying on everyone, so I'd like to suggest that we have the 'second attack' occur after the Halloween party at the mansion. There's also the option of having the attack happen during the party and making everyone go fight sentinels in their costumes, but that's just mean. XD I think a larger time jump (ie; the end of October) would do us some good, as well. Lately time in the game and real time have been sneaking too close together, in my opinion. I don't want things to get confusing. But for the record, 'time' is addressed in the rules page if anyone is curious. If anyone would like to thread about the attack on the mansion (reactions, etc), please do so. I know there are a load of people with vendettas against Stryker at the mansion now, thanks to XMO: Wolverine. So that should be fun. Wolverine's not in his boat alone anymore. Lol.

For specifics about the Halloween party, Leigh and I have been discussing the when and the how, etc a bit, but feedback / fresh ideas are always welcome. Here's some of what we have so far...

Being that there are children at the school, and that we'd probably want our folks to be able to drink/have fun as they'd like, there should probably be a separation. My thoughts were that the X-Men (of age) could have their party in the gigantic gym downstairs (the one with the speaker system and the pool, etc). They could set up tables and couches and a bar and rock out, that way anyone under 18 could be kept out. As for the younger students or people who didn't want to attend, I think making the grounds 'haunted' would be cool. Then the younger students would have something to do and the teenagers could scare the bejesus out of them.

My other thought was that it could be warm out (50-70 degrees - hey, they do have Storm) and they could do a Playboy Mansion style party outside, with gigantic tents and seating and pillows and tables of food and drink, etc. Example. And the kidlings would be indoors at a "rated G" party.

Either way, doing a "haunted labyrinth" needs to go down, simply because they already have a hedge maze. XD

Because Leigh and I have no lives (well, we don't), we've picked out a number of our characters' costumes. Feel free to comment and stake your claim on ideas for your own pups. And don't worry about doubles (especially with stuff like vampires, pirates, cowboys, etc). It's bound to happen.

Aug. 29th, 2009


EDIT: New character!

EDIT! Just letting everyone know that I'm bringing in a new character. His journal is [info]mr_feelgood and here is his profile. Russell is an empath and the school's (licensed) counselor. I think Emma is a licensed sex/couples therapist and Dani is getting her degree in dream analysis/translation. But he's a standard psychiatrist. He's an all around good guy, so if anyone has any issues, the doctor is in. 5¢. END EDIT

Hey guys. Rob here. My AIM name is now Jaunty Jedi. We recently acquired a ToughBook (for a pack of smokes) and I unlinked pirate roberto from woman of marvel. But when I went to log in, I didn't know the damned password so I made a new ID instead. So. Add me.


Aug. 28th, 2009


Activity Check + Attack Thread Summary

Aloha. *is Beck* I just wanted to say "tag!" for the activity check in hopes that everyone will respond with some sort of thought(s) about how their characters fared in the attack on the mansion. It's been just over a week, but there hasn't been activity in a few days. So, I'm going to assume that we're either bored or confused or lost or a combination of the three. So, this is less of an "activity check" and more of a "please take pity on the mods and respond with your thoughts" entry. Lol. I have the most characters, so I'll comment asap if anyone wants an example. It'll help me figure them out, too.

We've moved ahead in time, as well. So, any late August/early September birthdays are gone (feel free to backdate). We're in mid-September and I'd like to get to early October as soon as possible. That's when the second attack will go down. If we don't feel like writing that out, we don't have to, but I think it would involve four different threads, so it wouldn't be as confusing. Or maybe four would make it worse. Lol. We can decide when we get there. Since this one didn't go over so well, I say we just get past it (it'll be happening in early October) and say Stryker came and succeeded and then we can send a team after the kidnappees. All of that information (a little outdated) is here.

Something Leigh and I have been kicking around: a mansion-wide Halloween party. We didn't get to write out our BBQ, so we thought this would be more fun anyway. Costumes mandatory. Bwahaha! Feel free to discuss that here, too.

Aug. 23rd, 2009


Hey guys. :) Beck here. I just wanted to make a few notes.

1) The attack thread is moving a little slowly, but that's okay. We've gotten fifty posts done in just half a week. That's not so bad, is it? If anyone would like to figure out conclusions to their "threadlets", comment here and hopefully those involved can get back to you. If everything is discussed in public, all the various parts of the thread will hopefully be more cohesive/easier for us to write. :D Scott/Forge have put Mars in charge of leading people around, so he's sort of the operator for the whole thing, seeing as he knows where everyone (even the students) are at all times, and has cameras in front of him and a headset on. So, if your pups need a little help, they can request guidance via headset. We do need to make sure that one of the blackhawks escapes so that Stryker survives, lol. So I think we may be at our limit. But feel free to destroy some Hummers. And for the record, just as in X2, the children are going to passage ways that lead AWAY from the school, under the woods and to the highway where they're just outside of town. So, no one is headed to the basement except a few (crazy) techies who need to be there (or people who don't feel like hiking it to town... *eyes Kiernan*).

2) Joan (our new Banshee!) is under the weather and will be tagging folks back as soon as she feels well again. Get better, Joan! ^_^

3) Minka (Scoot) will know be called 'Tempo' on missions, etc. I've changed her tag in both IC communities, so, that's that.

Aug. 22nd, 2009



I decided that two of the old loner 30-something's needed to learn some leadership skills. Gambit and Mars, in Jon's eyes, have had it too easy. He's going to put them through some Danger Room sessions that hopefully will give everyone something to do in there (if we're bored enough for it). Here's what I got so far... comment here or wherever if you have suggestions or wisecracks.

Leadership 101.


Aug. 20th, 2009


One liners...

Please don't write them. If you don't have enough for your character to say, ask someone on the OOC about specifics or for ideas. And for the record, I'd like everyone to remember that we're writing in the third person/past tense, and to utilize spell check. We all make typos, I know, but sometimes it's pretty obvious things aren't being checked over.

It's in the rules.

ONE LINERS Please don't use one liners. Posts that are 1-4 sentences long are considered 'one liners'. They're fine for journals/comments, but in threads/logs, when you're writing in third-person and doing a narrative, please use full paragraphs. If you can't come up with full paragraphs, then you should speak with the other person(s) involved with the thread and come up with a change of topic/scenery. One liners don't provide an interesting read and they don't allow the person you're writing with to respond to their fullest capability. We're here to write with each other and build on ideas and everyone should do their co-authors the courtesy of putting as much effort into their posts as possible (within comfort/reason/time constraints). We (the mods) see one liners as a waste of character(s) and, frankly, time. Steer clear of 'em. Players that are warned about this repeatedly will be asked to drop their character(s) to the minimum in hopes that their time will be used to make the most of one character, instead of being spread over several. If the issue persists, the player will be removed. (ADDED 06/25/09, UPDATED 08/20/09.)

-Beck (and Leigh)

P.S. Please check out Kait's intro (our new Iceman), because it's now buried. Lol.



Well hi there everybody!

I am Kait, come to bring you the ever-lovable, ever-smiling Bobby Drake, at least for the moment. I'm sure that everybody knows him as the happy-go-lucky, joking prankster that he is, a softy with a big heart that wears his emotions on his sleeves. Bobby is as transparent as ice when it comes to how he feels or what he thinks, and always tries to do the right thing, be it in the grade scheme of things, or just at that moment in time. Until recently Bobby didn't have much interest in justice or protecting those who could not protect themselves, but has recently learned that being one who is strong enough to do so means that you must.

He arrived at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters when he was quite young himself, only fifteen years old, and up until recently was quite hesitant and reluctant to further explore his budding powers. Bobby is still a little hesitant when it comes to pushing himself into areas that he has not explored before, be it with his powers or aspects of his personality that he has not conquered yet.

Bobby is always ready to be friends with just about anyone who doesn't consistently reject his efforts, so I'm very excited to start playing!

. Kait!

Aug. 19th, 2009


Mansion Attack Thread, IC Date: September 7th, 2009

OOC Date: August 19th, 2009 (yes, today!)

Anyway, this is a place for you to make comments about the thread, ask questions about locations/specifics and to let Leigh and I know who and what you plan to include and exclude. So, comment at will. But not the Will. He's busy fighting.

TO KEEP THINGS ORGANIZED: Please reply to a comment that your character could help turn into a thread (their roommate, a common Danger Room partner, etc). If two threads cross, unite them into one. We'd like to keep things as less confusing as possible.

So, to start a new area of the mansion or a new thread in general, click 'post a new comment'. It looks like this:

(Post a new comment)

To reply to a previous comment and continue a thread, find the bottom most reply (the latest one) and reply to that by clicking 'reply to this'. It will be in the bottom, left hand corner and look like this:

(Reply to this)

Thanks guys! Good luck. XD

Aug. 17th, 2009


Back (Again)

Hi Guys,

Some if not most of you already know me, I'm Dan (Beck & Rob's friend). I've been on and off with Beck's games for quite some time now, usually when we're not at each other's throats..lol (I <3 Beck) I just got done putting my own sci-fi RPG on hiatus because of a lack of activity, so my morale is kinda low. But, after a warm invitation I figured I would hop back on over here and play superheroes again. Though I'm unsure of my ability to play him appropriately, I will be playing Cyclops ([info]seeing_red) whome you all know and my OC Pulse ([info]asystole) which is a redone version of my old character Recon. Please check his profile out when you have the time. I wont have any wanted scenes up until I've had some time to play and get to know the other characters more and even my own! I look forward to playing with you all.


Aug. 16th, 2009



The requisite introduction incoming, yayyy. I'm Laea and this is Wicked. She's been at Xavier's for two months now though mostly locked away in counseling, probably annoying everyone on her hall with her nightmares, though at least that's toned down to most nights instead of every night. Those nightmares often end up with random ghosts meandering in and out of her room and the nearby hallway.

I'm on aim at whimsikit or can be reached via email at whimsikit@yahoo.com.

Aug. 15th, 2009


Activity check + plot discussion.

Excluding Jordan, I just wanted to see who all was still around/active. I know time is getting short for a few of you, so I wanted to see what was up and if you still wanted to play. Please respond to this by Monday, if so.

As for the plot discussion - Leigh and I have been brainstorming today and beyond the Stryker stuff, well, we wanted to have some goals/plans. We tossed around a few ideas about Jean and who/what "the Phoenix" is, so that could all be lined up to use. Or we could save that until a later point (when it's even LESS convenient for the X-Men, lol). Here are some of our options - the first group of which can be used simultaneously, or with one of the latter, grand schemes.

The Basics:
• The Mutant Registration Act
• "X"
• Sentinels
• MRDs
• The Phoenix
• The Hellfire Club
• Morlocks
• The Mutant Massacre
• Psylocke/Kwannon
• The death of Xavier (power struggle for leadership?)

Grander Scale:
• The X-Men come out as superheroes (those who so choose) after being seen on the news fighting in swarms against the Sentinels during Stryker's second attack (personal fave of Beck/Leigh)
• Wanda transforms Xavier's into an Olympus of sorts, while humankind looks upon mutants as God-like (caused by the death of Pietro, maybe?) Mutants keep their memories and wonder why people are leaving them gift baskets all of a sudden. And why they're in togas (personal fave of Beck)
• Wanda creates the Savage Land
• Magneto "sets up" Genosha

Aug. 14th, 2009


Hi everybody. :) Becky mentioned that I'm going out of town, so I figured I'd give a few more details. I'm heading up to Michigan tomorrow and won't be back until Wednesday. I don't know how much Internet access I'll have, but if I can, I'll try to get online while I'm there. It's times like these when I wish I had a laptop. Anyway, I'm going to get my replies done soon (yes, I'm a slacker) and hopefully nothing goes stale while I'm away. When I get back I'll jump right back in (I know we all want to do the attack thread). I'm going to stop babbling now. XD


Hey everyone, 

I would really like to have Kitty a.k.a Shadowcat doing something and interacting with someone. If you have any ideas for scenes for her or Laurie, leave a comment here or on my page. ^_^  Believe me, she really wants to play with you guys. My wanted scenes are updated and like I said I'm all open to ideas, so let me know. 


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