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[Sep. 26th, 2010|10:13 pm]

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WHO: Stephanie Fawcett and Irving Bradley
WHAT: Drastic Measures. Stephanie has finally had enough and insists he will go to a fitting for his dress robes.
WHEN: 4am Monday morning.
WHERE: Irving's house
STATUS: Incomplete // Closed

Operation GIID is a go. )
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[Sep. 3rd, 2010|05:52 pm]

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WHO: Stephen Cornfoot and Stephanie Cornfoot Fawcett
WHAT: A sweet distraction.
WHEN: Evening on Friday.
WHERE: Stephanie's flat.
STATUS: Complete

As many times as I blink I'll think of you tonight. )
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[Aug. 28th, 2010|08:00 pm]
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Who: Stephen Cornfoot and Stephanie Fawcett
When: Saturday Night
Where: Stephanie's Flat
What: Stephen comes over to see a painting and what he will find will surprise him.
Rating: PG?
Open/Closed: Open to Stephanie Fawcett

Oh my heart I want you to be strong, I want you to be all I believe in. )
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[Aug. 28th, 2010|07:35 pm]

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WHO: Stephanie Fawcett (narrative)
WHAT: Insomnia, obsession, and a mural.
WHEN: The wee hours of the morning until some time way up in the afternoon on the 28th.
WHERE: Her studio flat.
RATING: PG // References to drunkenness.
STATUS: Complete // Closed

I'll follow you into the dark... )
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[Aug. 25th, 2010|12:21 am]

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WHO: StephSquared! Stephen Cornfoot and Stephanie Fawcett
WHAT: Drunk shenanigans. (AKA: We Won’t Remember This By Morning.)
WHEN: Late Tuesday Night.
WHERE: Stephen's flat.
RATING: PG-13 or a little more. Nothing too bad. Um, and A for angst.
STATUS: Complete // Closed

It was a celebration, and they had been celebrating hard. )
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[Aug. 21st, 2010|11:04 pm]

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Who: Stephanie Fawcett and Ellie Cattermole
What: Ellie discovers Steph’s art and more.
When: August 21, 2003 ; late afternoon.
Where: A random sidewalk in London.
Rating/Warning: TBA.

It was an otherwise very ordinary spot in London. )
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[Aug. 19th, 2010|06:47 pm]
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Who: Steph Squared. Stephen Cornfoot and Stephanie Fawcett
When: Wednesday Night!
Where: Stephen's flat!
What: Stephen brews tea and entices his bestie with the promise of a good cup for her company.
Rating: PG-13 for possible bad words? Idk!
Open/Closed: Closed

Always want to fight, try to make you laugh... till everything is forgotten, I know you hate it. )
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