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[Aug. 29th, 2010|11:04 am]
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Who: Adrian Pucey & Astrophel Fleetwood
When: 8-29 8:00 PM
Where: Martini's Night Club
What: Meeting for drinks and some catching up
Rating: R (for language)
Open/Closed: Closed/Complete

Two cans short of a picnic )
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[Aug. 25th, 2010|11:56 am]
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Who: Mallory Blackthorn (and whomever wishes to come to the store)
When: 8-25 / Afternoon
Where: Siren's Song
Rating: PG-13 (just in case)
Status: Open/Incomplete

Sale at Siren's Song )
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RP: A year older and a year wiser... [Aug. 15th, 2010|03:45 pm]
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Who: Hannah Abbott, Olivia Rose Abbott, Neville Longbottom, Variety of Party Guests
When: August 15, 2003
Where: Broadstairs Beach in Kent
What: Olivia and Neville's birthday party/Reunion Party
Rating: PG?
Open/Closed: Open to all invitees

Happy Birthday and many more! )
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