War Is Coming Communications.

August 20th, 2015

August 20th, 2015

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Okay, this place looks even more like a bomb hit it than it did last time I was here. What happened?

Oh, and Amy? You better bloody well be here this time.

No evil

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Alright, that was weird. Usually when a therapist tells you to embrace your inner child, I doubt they mean it literally. Still.. that was probably the best week of his life being here. I notice all my sugar sweets stuff is gone now, hadn't realized I ate that much til I went for more today. Thank you for those who spoke to him about this being safe, I know it calmed him. Err.. me. Or us, whatever. Wasn't the best time of my life at that age so a chance to get away from it or from Aunt Marion back then was nice

Umm.. okay, now another problem. Where the hell is my shadow?! It's gone. Just.. gone. I walk and should see it, but I don't. So, looks like I don't have one like some others here. So has anyone figured out the cause or how to get them back to us? Is it a Seal thing.. or Pan from that show is secretly here doing this. If it is him and he brags about not failing, he'll learn of something else that won't fail. Like my fist to his face. Bet I can get him in a sword duel, maybe Wonder what he'd think of a peanut butter brand named after him Well, whatever is causing this, hope we can fix it soon.

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I wish the girls were

Well, that was weird.


Thanks for looking after me. Dinner was pretty awesome.


So, what did I miss?
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