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February 11th, 2014

February 11th, 2014

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[text to Enjolras]

>>cn i ask you a favour?

[Text to cas]
>>are you busy just now?

[ooc: Yus all the typos are purposeful :P]

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Right, thanks to Claudia I've got something that proves I'm me.

I know there's a few different bars run by people here, and that's about as much work experience of a conventional nature as I've got. Any chance I could beg a job off one of you lovely people?

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My head hurts way too much for this

I know things are tense right now, but it's not over yet, and we need to still be careful who we talk to. Death just told me that he's watching. If this goes wrong, Sam Winchester will be the one who suffers for it.


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just leave me alone. fogett whatis said.


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Really is gonna seem like I'm usin' ya, soon...

Advance warning, this time. A little, at least... Ya got any sorta spell ya can do to make sure if somethin goes wrong, you can check in and know about it?

I can't tell ya much else. I probably could, I don't think you'd say anything, but it's complicated and the less people know 'bout it, the better.

I'll owe ya coffee or something.


I assume ya probably ain't feeling up to reading or replying to much. Hospitals make me twitchy, but I popped in and you were out pretty good... figured I shouldn't hang around twitching, though. That'd be rude.

I told ya to be carefu

Hurry up and get better, alright?

[Marian & Much]

Unless Death has any objections 'bout it, I'm gonna help Becker finish this. So it can be done, an' we can stop walking on eggshells, and if this is a trap it'll be sprung and we'll know. Y'all don't have to worry about it, I know ya got enough ta worry about right now.

Don't worry 'bout me, either. I'll be careful.

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My little brother is being stubborn. Doesn't he know I wanna meet him?
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