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September 10th, 2015


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Who: Outlaw Queen + Everyone
When: Monday September 7, starting around 2pm(?)
Where: House of Sass v. 2.0.
What: Labor Day Party!.
Rating: TBD but probably low.
Status: IC/OOC Thread.

Belated IC/OOC post for Robin & Regina's labor day shindig, because Lena and Tara have both been swamped with work this week. Pictures to follow when I am not doing a drive by at work, but assume the usual labor day faire of hots dogs, pulled pork, snacks, desserts and assume they went all out, because this is Regina Mills we're talking about, mmmkay?

Regina posted a public invitation, so everyone was welcome! Post in whether your peeps game, what they did, etc, and feel free to also post any threads you want in the comments!
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