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May 15th, 2013

May 15th, 2013

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Who: Marguerite Blakeney, the Marquis de St Cyr, Percy Blakeney and Anatoly Sergievsky
What: Marguerite really needs to stop trying to strangle people who hurt Armand... it never ends well, and then she's back in Lawrence and needs stabilizing before surgery
When: 15 May 1792 AND 15 May 2013
Where: Paris, alley in Lawrence, medbay
Warnings: Violence
Status: Log/Thread | Incomplete

If you cannot then I will, clearly I am beyond scruples )

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Katherine Pierce [Open to Avengers Warehouse residents otherwise, narrative!]
Tuesday afternoon, May 14, 2013/AU!Katerina's 1490 Bulgaria, then the Avenger's Warehouse in Lawrence in 2013!
Katherine's return to Lawrence
PG which is weird/Complete

And maybe this would really be how it ends...
Read more... )

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Who:Much and Lexi
What:Too many feels!
Where:The forest near the tree house.
Warnings: TBA.

It wasn't his first day in the forest, he had a knife he'd be fine.  )
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