War Is Coming RPG.

July 31st, 2012

July 31st, 2012

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WHO: Lois and Kon
WHAT: bonding time
WHEN: this afternoon
WHERE: a mall in Lawrence

She’d faced down bombs, bullets, criminal masterminds, but it was the utter lack of enthusiasm over buying brand new shirts that Kon had displayed while in the stores that was going to drive her mad )

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Who: Emma Swan and Jo Harvelle-Shurley
What: Revelations! Oh my!
When: Tuesday afternoon
Where: The Roadhouse
Warnings: It's Emma. Prepare for angst. And occasionally naughty words?

You can't expect me to be fine, I don't expect you to care )

The Pandemonium Shadow Show!

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Who: Everyone and anyone
What: Dark's Carnival! Opening day.
Where: The outskirts of Lawrence.
When: July 31st, 2012
Warnings | Status: TBD | on going | ic/ooc (feel free to leave ooc comments with your characters!)

He knew what the wind was doing to them, where it was taking them, to all the secret places that were never so secret again in life. )

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Who: Galen and Gaia!
What: Galen is fully ensnared in Gaia's web of pleasure but doesn't care.
Where: Gaia's house
When: Evening of the 31st.
Status/Rating: In Progress/High given what these two like to do alone

Like a fly, he was fully caught in Gaia's web, but he didn't care one kriffing bit )
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