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April 6th, 2012

April 6th, 2012

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Who: Alexander Molokov, Svetlana Sergievsky as well as appearances by Anatoly Sergievsky and Seeley Booth
What: Molokov decides Svetlana needs to learn her place. Too bad she has FBI and magical back up. He gets his instead.
When: Now! ( 6 April 2012, 1:00 pm )
Where: Downtown Lawrence. First busy street than a church under renovation
Warnings: Character Death

Now here is a riddle to guess if you can sing the bells of Notre Dame, what makes a monster and what makes a man? )

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Who: Liz and Rose ( Weasley ).
What: A discovery.
Where: The high school.
When: Wednesday afternoon.
Rating: G likely.
Status: Incomplete, Ongoing.

A normal person would be flustered and angry at the accident that just happened but not Liz. )
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