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February 23rd, 2012

February 23rd, 2012

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WHO: Patrick Milligan, Tessa Lewis, and a brief mention of Melinda Milligan.
WHAT: Apparently even future!kids can stumble on horribly mangled bodies on the steps. GO TEAM FUTURE!
WHEN: After this.
WHERE: Right there on the front steps! Don’t you just feel so safe now?
RATING: Not very high. Unless you count Patrick’s heart rate.
STATUS: Complete/Narrative

Even Patrick could get tired of being cooped up. )

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WHO: Ariel and Ben Braeden
WHAT: Ben's being a good friend to a broken mermaid
WHEN: Backdated to last night, after this
WHERE: Ariel's apartment
RATING: PG, mostly for Ben's language...it's a Disney princess, come on now. :P
STATUS: Incomplete/abandoned

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Who: Tony and Shannon
What: Dinner date
Where: Restaurant and where ever they end up after dinner
When: Night of the 23rd
Status/Rating: In Progress/rating shouldn't be too high but I hold no promises.

Nice dinner with a blonde and whatever pops up )
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