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January 25th, 2012

January 25th, 2012

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WHO: Jason Todd, Kon-El, NPC!demons.
WHAT: The Joker is back and it's throwing Jason off his game.
WHERE: Downtown. Warehouse storage facility.
RATING: High for violence.

No scratches this time. No, a new noise. Maniacal laughter. All too familiar. All in his head. )

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Who: The Joker
What: Joker's up to his tricks
Where: University of Kansas Science Labs
When: Late night/early morning of the 24/25
Rating: PG-13 minimum, I'd probably say R in some parts too
Status: Complete, narrative

School's out! HAHAHAHAHAHA )

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Who: Claudia Donovan & [OPEN]
What: Claudia's arrival
Where: Downtown Lawrence sort of area
Rating/Status: TBD/In progress

She was...she was...where the hell was she? )

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Who: Jacen and Allana
What: Family bonding time, aka flow walking back to a traumatic life event and restoring Allana to the Force. Is this...not how your family bonds?
Where: Tenel Ka and Jacen's apartment
When: Evening of January 25th
Warnings: Not exactly happy times, but it shouldn't scar you for life.

She hadn’t been sure. Even as she’d agreed to it she hadn’t been sure. )

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Who:Anakin, Luke, and Leia(eh no strict order anymore?)
Where:their house.
warnings:TBA but I don't forsee any~

he couldn't help but spy curiously on his uncle, much like the kitten that lurked around his bare feet. )

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Who: Vincent Valentine and YOU. Yes, YOU. With the hair.
What: Vincent arrives.
Where: Random McRandomstreet!
When: Morning, January 26th. (No, this was never evening. >.>)
Warnings: Rated F for severe lack of facial expressions.

Celebrations were always strange things for Vincent Valentine. )
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