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September 23rd, 2011

September 23rd, 2011

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Who? AU!Dean & Darcy R.
What? Walking her to her place, possibly crashing there, angsttastic goodtimes, etc.
Where? Roadhouse, random streets or whatever, the complex.
When? After his commpost/arrival
Rating? Probably not super high, but contains: crazy angst / mentions of firey death / potentially vaguely suicidalish!Dean, probably swearing, etc.

His mouth and throat felt like they were full of ash, and he tried not to think about the source of it, about the fact that some of that ash, some of the smoke all over him, was /Sam/. )

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Who: jaded!Elphaba and OPEN
What: Elphaba is going a bit stir crazy and goes for a walk. With green skin. In broad daylight. This most certainly will end well.
When: This afternoon
Where: A street in Lawrence
Warnings: Language, possible Wicked Witch wrath? Anything else is TBA depending on who shows up.

Oh this was going to turn out so well )

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Who: Koschei and the Tenth Doctor
Where: The Doctor's old room at the complex
When: Shortly after Ten's return from the alternate universe
What: Two old friends get together to chat and to keep one of them from dying of poison.
Warnings: Ten!angst, poisoning and the fixing of it.
Status: In progress!

And wasn't that one of the most confusing thoughts he'd had all day? The Master, helping him, willingly, and not properly the Master anymore. )
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