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January 14th, 2011

January 14th, 2011

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Who: Elphie and open to her roommates if any of them are brave enough? Otherwise a stand alone
What: Pacing, ranting and raving Wicked Witch of the West style
When: This evening
Where: Her room
Warnings: Some language and general wrathiness

All right so be it, so be it then / Let all Oz be agreed, I'm WICKED through and through )

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Who: Anakin Skywalker
When: January 14, 2011
Where: Lawrence, Kansas: Public Library
What: Anakin burns down a library.
Ratings: PG-13

Does it look like I care what you want? )

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Who: Charlie McGee and Kael’thas
What: First meeting in person regarding Charlie’s control over fire
Where: Kael and Jennifer’s place
When: Present day, later on in the day
Read more... )

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WHO: Sam & Ruby
WHAT: It's a science project. What happens when you put Envy and Lust together in a closed environment without any supervision?
WHEN: Evening.

Deep down, Sam knew that this was wrong. )
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