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November 12th, 2010

November 12th, 2010

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Who: John Jones and OPEN (to anyone in camp)
When: Night
Where: Camp Xander
What: Arriving to help and possible questioning, tests likely?
Rating: TBD


This world was in far worse shape than he had ever imagined )

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Who: Faith Lehane & Leela & Open to witnesses/any other victims
What: Faith escapes, and Leela's caught in the crossfire
When: Friday afternoon
where: Near an 'abandoned' cabin close to the western gate of Camp Winchester
Rating: R for character death
Status: Complete

can't you see, the perfect sky is torn )

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Who: Captain John Hart and OPEN
What: Arrival in the... past? Future?
When: Friday evening
Where: An ugly part of town
Rating: TBA
Status: Incomplete; Open

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Who: Bela Talbot & LIndsey McDonald
What: Post Heist
Where: In the middle of a hotzone
When: Early Afternoon
Status: In Progress

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Who: Damon and Dawn
What: Damon is getting assistance from Dawn in the form of food and a visit.
When: Daytime
Where: Just outside of the apartment building Damon and Caroline are staying in.
Note: Pre-dating Caroline giving him news regarding her deal with Lucifer
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