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September 2nd, 2010

September 2nd, 2010

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Who: Bela and Booth
What: interesting things!
When: Backdated a few days ago
Where: shooting range and then a fancy restaurant where standards are kept.
Warnings: TBA! I suspect not high, but you never know~

He even went the extra mile and made reservations )

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Who: Victor Stone and Xander Harris
Where: Security Room
What: Training, getting set up, learning the ropes and joining Tech, of course
When: Backdated to April 29th, an hour after this
Rating: TBD, most likely to be low


Technology is our friend. )


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Who: Remy & Belle
What: First meeting upon arriving here
When: Up to date, late afternoon
Where: Out for a stroll and possibly a meal somewhere
Warnings: None, probably, aside from possible language?

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