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[Mar. 5th, 2012|02:25 am]

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Who: Shane and Scootaloo
What: Things of an inappropriate nature!
Where: Hawaii, because Celestia accidentally banished them there.
Warnings: Shane is a warning unto herself. In other words? Very yes.

New World Rule #1: Don't piss off royalty. )
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[Feb. 29th, 2012|05:32 pm]
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WHO: Apparently Everyone (Open Log, although if a parent wants to show up and bust their kid please clear it with the kid first. :D)
WHEN: Starting Friday Night, Party will last until Sunday-ish.
WHERE: Allerton Castle, Yorkshire
WARNINGS: Excessive alcohol and with that stupidity.

One does not leave a convivial party before closing time. )
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[Mar. 6th, 2008|04:54 pm]
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Who: Shane McCutcheon and Dani Reese
When: After the Shane and Alice thread during the genderswap
Where: Dani's place
What: Um. Perhaps sex.
Warnings: Um. Possible sex?

Shane ran a hand through her hair as she made her way to Dani's door. She was nervous as hell, really, and wasn't sure she should even be doing this. Would Dani think she was...trying to make a booty call? Which she sort of was, maybe, but she didn't want it to be just a one time thing. Unless Dani didn't want to do anything now, or later, which would be fine too.

She took a deep breath and flicked her hair out of her eyes. Then she knocked on the door and took a step back.
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[Mar. 4th, 2008|09:33 pm]
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Who: Shane McCutcheon and Alice Pieszecki
When: Tonight/yesterday.. sometime during the genderswap
Where: Alice's place
What: Comparing penises. No really.
Warnings: Uh.. god knows. Drugs. Penis comparing. You judge. Seriously who knows with those two

For the most part during this gender swap thing, Alice had run around completely naked. Who the hell needed to wear pants when you didn't have boobs and there was a penis! Sure the flopping of the boobs got replaced by the flopping of the penis, but this was way more fun. And she wasn't ashamed in the slightest. Really, she wanted everyone to see it.

And soon Shane would be coming over. That would be fun. Oh maybe she should put on pants. So she did. Or well boxers anyways.
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[Feb. 2nd, 2008|08:04 pm]
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Who: Shane McCutcheon and Dani Reese
What: Hanging out. With looting going on not far away. More announcements later.
When: Saturday afternoon
Warnings: Mentions of drug use, because Shane and the wagon? Not really best buds right now.

Shane sat on the steps of her house with her sunglasses on, wearing the clothes she'd passed out in. Whenever that was. Probably Friday. At least, she hoped it had been Friday she passed out on. Dani'd probably mr pissed at her for getting more drugs, but maybe the woman wouldn't notice.

She sighed and watched as someone liberated a set of tires from the Jiffy Lube. Apparently she'd missed some kind of natural disaster. Great. She stretched her legs and lit a cigarette, then glanced around for Dani's car.
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[Jan. 26th, 2008|12:07 am]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Shane McCutcheon and Dani Reese
What: Shane gets pulled over. minor freak-outs ensue.
When: Um. Friday afternoon.
Warnings: Mentions of drug use and IDK after that. Oh. Language. Not that y'all care 'bout that one XD

Shane was not exactly adjusting to her new life in this place. Whatever it was. All she really knew was some doctor thought lesbians were hot, that a hacker kid had made her fairly wealthy (she really hoped no one looked into that wire transfer), and that she apparently owned a small house and a black, 1976 Cadilac Eldorado. Convertible. That part she liked. And the part where she'd still had some cocaine on her when she'd arrived.

Probably shouldn't have done a line before hopping in the car, but it was too late to think about that now. The wind in her hair as she flew down the highway felt to damn good.
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