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[Mar. 20th, 2009|11:01 pm]
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Who: Mackenzie and Marsden Park, Raymond Wood
What: Meeting, discussing jobs
When/Where: Backdated to after Mack's post, Shake Your Samba studio NYC
Warnings: Possible mentions of serious situations, nothing past R.

Mackenzie waited anxiously on the steps outside the studio, hoping beyond hope her brother's quiet tendencies wouldn't fail him now. How had Ray made it in the building without her or Marsden noticing? She frowned, shifting the bag of possessions on her shoulder, before looking at it and frowning. She really didn't need to bring that to 'an interview'. Slipping down the steps, she pulled the wallet and the ID out, before stashing the bag in some bushes. Mack hesitated before she let go, knowing it could be gone when she came back. But protecting who she and her brother were was more important than some trinkets, right?

She turned as she heard the door open, jumping back to seem less like she was hiding in the plants.
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