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[Open to Park City Residents; Tag Jack Twist] [Feb. 25th, 2008|03:16 pm]
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Who: Carlos Serrano and Jack Twist, Carlos Serrano and [open]
What: Talking to Jack about medical tests, talking to anyone else about any sort of medical advice
Where: Carlos' clinic in Park City
When: Monday afternoon
Rating: TBD
Status: Incomplete

As he had promised Jack, Carlos was in the clinic right after his lunch break. It had been surprisingly busy for the size of the town, Carlos thought, which was encouraging. It meant that people were not worried about coming to see him for immigration reasons - he'd made sure to make it perfectly clear to everyone that he was not looking to deport anyone.

No, he'd dealt with enough of that when he'd been put on the case in California - he didn't need to worry about the same situation happening here when he had control over things. He wore the traditional white coat of a physician and proper attire - it was a change from the Genetics lab. Still, it as a change that he was glad about - helping people had been his main motivation in going into Medicine in the first place.

He sighed, tapping his pen against the edge of the table while he waited for a patient's blood tests. They were well-equipped for a small clinic, able to do basic tests in their own labs (and able to send out more complex exams to a nearby lab that Carlos had found was extremely efficient), which he was thrilled about.
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[Feb. 18th, 2008|09:41 pm]
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Who: Carlos Serrano and Bobby Twist
Where: Bar down the street from the clinic in Utah
When: Whenever we want!
What: The doctor is in? ;D
Rating: Knowing our dear Mr. Twist, probably at least hard R for language

Now all that was left was to wait for a Mr. Bobby Twist. )
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[Feb. 18th, 2008|11:01 am]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Alma and Bobby.
Where: The ranch.
When: Some time during the day, likely when Drew's at school.
Warnngs: Um yeah, just as bad as Jack and Ennis. NSFW.

Pulling a bright, white sheet from the basket at her feet, Alma gave it a sharp whip in the air to shake off any excess water before holding it carefully so it didn't touch the ground, using the pins in her mouth and on her apron to hang it up on the clothes line. She did the same for three more sheets before picking the basket up and setting it onto the porch. This concluded her morning chores, she had a little bit of time ti relax before working on making everyone on the ranch lunch, doing the dishes from it and straightening everything up around the house before making dinner, so she sat on one of the stairs, pulling her knees up to look off over the land, enjoying the slowly warming sun and the breeze.
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[Feb. 16th, 2008|01:34 pm]
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Who: Jack and Bobby Twist
What: Reunion
When: Last Week
Where: Jackson Hole, WY

Bobby Twist hadn't seen his father for nearly fifteen years. The last he knew, his father had been killed. It wasn't a tire blowing up in his face, Bobby knew the truth. It wasn't even because he was homosexual. Bobby knew his grandpappy had had his daddy killed, cause Grandpappy didn't like Daddy. Bobby wasn't a genius, he didn't have to be to figure these things out.

And now, Bobby was about to be reunited with his Daddy. Pa. He called him Pa, mostly. Pa had been dead a long time, and yet, Bobby had spoken to him. After the vortex, and the arrival in this new world. Maybe he was dead too. Weird, then, that Alma and the baby were here too. Bobby wwasn't sure what to think. He didn't want to be dead. he didn't want Alma and Drew to be dead. But they were all there, with his Pa.

Bobby paced in front of the place where the port key was said to be. That was another thing Bobby couldn't wrap his head around. His Pa was coming to Jackson Hole through a port key. Well, Bobby's just wait and see if Pa actually showed up. Maybe the whole thing was a dream, and he'd wake up witht hat eerie feeling he sometimes got.
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